Saturday, September 8, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week: Solace in the North

The second installment of our Featured Shop of the Week program highlights the stunning work of Jordan from Solace in the North.

"I'm Jordan, owner of Solace In The North, and an experienced photographer who represents the Pacific Northwest. My influence is nature in-and-of itself. I feel that - since I've connected with the world around me - it's my responsibility as an inhabitant to expose the most beautiful parts of the northern landscape."

When asked what the most challenging aspect to having your own business, Jordan said, "Certainly promotion/marketing! I make sure to do my "daily rounds" of online promotion through Etsy teams, forums, blog posts, etc. I even drop by a shop I take interest in just to send a message that I like their listings! But drawing in the views and sales is definitely the most challenging."

Jordan's favorites include the color blue, seared ahi tuna from Anthony's restaurant (I feel my mouth watering). His favorite seasons are both autumn and winter, and his favorite animal is the grey wolf. when asked for a fun fact about himself, Jordan said, "Even as a landscape/nature photographer, I used to absolutely abhor trees. I was born in sunny southern California - the concrete desert. Moving up to Washington when I was 6 definitely changed things, that's for sure! When I got here I was like, "Oi! What's up with all these trees?!"

As you can see, Jordan is a talented photographer. I encourage you to visit his Etsy store: and his blog:

I'd love to know, what is your favorite photo from Solace In the North? Two of my favorites are Color Summer Grasses, and Misty Ocean Beach.  Comment below with your favorites!

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