Sunday, November 11, 2012

Featured Ship of the Week: Lilla Stjarna

It is time for our next featured shop, Lilla Stjarna, a place for "one of a kind jewelry for the everyday, made with love!"

LillaStjarna are pieces of the celestial skies created by Laila Alawa, who says, "I am a recent college, and I started first making jewelry when I was about thirteen or fourteen. Before that I liked to collect things, but when I realized just what I could make using some beads, wire and my trusty pair of bright pink pliers, I went crazy."

Laila was introduced to Etsy by her mother. She describes, "I learned about it as I learn about a lot of things in life: from my mom. She had found a beautiful handmade necklace that she was obsessing over, and I learned about the site through her obsession to share it with everyone. And now, of course, I share that obsession."

Laila just started the Lilla Stjarna Etsy shop this summer, "pulling an all-nighter before a weeklong trip in typical Laila-style. So my one year for the etsy shop will happen on July 9, 2013 at about 5 am!"

When asked about her inspiration, Laila said, "I've always been obsessed with stars and the vastness of the night sky, and became even more so after I learned that my last name is Arabic for a constellation in the sky. 've always loved being outside, and have found that inspiration comes to me most when I'm happy and surrounded by the great outdoors. Not to mention, I'm a bit of a magpie when it comes to selecting materials, and will usually go for the bits of bead that are most unusual or sparkly."

Laila finds patience is an important skill in having a business. "If someone were to ask me for advice about starting their own shop, I would say to really keep at it. As of now, I'm a few months into the store and it's taken a lot of perseverance, patience and the understanding that everyone makes mistakes and the only way to move up is to understand and learn. Plus it's good to realize that just because you open the store doesn't mean sales will come your way automatically. Work, patience, and the ability to laugh in the face of struggle."

Some of Laila's favorite things include, ice cold Pepsi in a can, sushi, early summer, and relaxing with a tv show such as Parks & Rec. Her favorite color is purple, and favorite animals are Pandas. 

Laila is offering a coupon code for 10% off your purchase in the Lilla Stjarna Etsy shop. Type in the code FB2012 during checkout to get your discount.

Ready to check out Lilla Stjarna's collection of beautiful jewelry? You can find that & more at the following links.

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