Sunday, December 2, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week: Lu & Ed

Remember the feature we did on Daft Crafts 2 weeks ago? The creator behind Daft Crafts, Cody, is also the owner of Lu & Ed, our featured shop this week.

 Lu & Ed has been "making monsters fun-ctional since 2009. We offer creative and innovative storage for children in the form of Mon-stors© - they hang from a door knob or hook and need to be fed daily, be it toys, laundry, or, well, anything! If they skip a meal, they tend to get a little testy, so encourage your kids to clean their rooms daily! We also make a variety of fun Monster Stuffies, and smaller Mon-stors © for use in the car or on the go."

Cody adds, "They are a lot of fun and each one has it's own story and personality. The large ones are big enough to hold an entire load of laundry or about seven Build-a-Bear sized stuffed animals, the small ones are good for in the car to hold diapers, wipes, toys, books, DVDs, etc. I also make stuffed monsters and monster totes for kids!"

When asked about the challenges she has as a small business owner, Cody replied "Nothing. I absolutely love every minute of what I do!" And with these cute monster faces to look at, you know she is having a good time.

I asked Cody to describe her favorite things, and she writes "I love all color but my favorite is turquoise. My living room and bedroom are that color. :) My favorite drink is coffee, by a landslide. I am a total coffee addict. My favorite season is fall. :)"

Cody wants Lu & Ed fans to know, "My business is very environmentally friendly. Almost all of the fabrics I use are thrifted or gifted, reducing big box business waste and pollution. I use as much of the yardage as I can, making several monsters from one cut of fabric, and use the small scraps to stuff plush monsters or to make dog beds I donate to animal rescues! I also ship all my products in recycled boxes. :) There is literally hardly any waste that goes from Lu & Ed into land fills."

You can find Lu & Ed items in the following places:

I encourage you to read the story of how Lu & Ed got started, and how the shop got its name. And then take a look and Lu & Ed's collaboration with Echoland for their Team Lu & Ed merchandise, a series of wristlets. Each wristlet was handmade by Sarah of Echoland, with solid color outer fabric matching Lu & Ed's logo fabric which lines the inside of each wristlet. You can read more about the collaboration on Echoland's blog. Please take a look at all their great products, and tell them Violet's Buds sent you!

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  1. Thanks so much for the great future! I am so honored! Keep doing what you are doing to support the indie movement, you rock!

    1. I'm glad I can help! There are so few options for free or low cost advertising/marketing, so I want to help my friends & fellow crafters as much as I can.

  2. What a great post about a great shop owner!!! Thanks for reaching out, as well, Melanie! <3

  3. These are so cute!

    Thanks so much for following my blog, I'm following yours back :)


    1. Thanks for checking out my Mon-stors! :) I appreciate your kind words!

  4. Hey there!! I've nominated you for a Liebster Award!

    Head on over to and see what all it entails!!

    1. thanks! i'm going to share my nomination later tonight :-)

  5. Awesome shop! I found your blog through the blog hop!

    I'm your newest follower!


  6. She has such a fabulous shop! I own one of her MonStors they are perfect!


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