Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Game & Giveaway winners

Thank you to all who participated in our Etsy treasury-building game, and to all the fans who voted! The fan who won the Violet's Buds mystery grab bag is...

Cassidie H.
Congratulations Cassidie! You have 48 hours to contact Violet's Buds to claim your grab bag.

The winning treasury by popular vote was Alanemarie's Creations treasury "Heartsong." Great job Alanemarie's Creations! As the winning treasury, Alanemarie's Creations will get a shout out from each of the other game participants. Plus, I encourage fans to post a message on Alanemarie's Creations Facebook wall.

If you haven't already, take a look at all the other great treasuries. Each curator spent a lot of time building the treasury, and its nice to give them some love!

1. Heart for Your Home's treasury "Beauty is All Around You"
2. Dawn's Metal Design's treasury "Christmas Gift Ideas"
3. DeMatteo Art's treasury "The Colors of Winter"
4. Maddy Belle Boutique's treasury "Colors of Winter"
5. Lil'K Designs' treasury "My Winter Wonderland Favs"
6. Flounce's treasury "Gifts Galore"
7. Spearmint & Thyme's treasury "Its that time of year again!"
8. Synapse to Synapse's treasury "Blooms in Winter"
9. Tilly's Silken Treasures' treasury "Magic In Every Corner"
10. Alanemarie's Creations treasury "Heartsong"
11.DooArteDOLLS's treasury "Holiday Hero"
12. The Dragon's Lair Art's treasury "Ready for some FUN"
13. Persnickety's treasury "A Bit of This and That
14. Memory Me Studio's treasury "Whimsical Jewelry and Decorations"
15. Trinkets by Crystal's treasury "Let the Sleeping Dragon Lie"
16. Violet's Buds' treasury "Daddy's Girl"

Thank you again to everyone who participated. If you are interested in joining our next round, comment with your links on this note on Violet's Buds page.

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