Sunday, January 6, 2013

Featured Shop of the Week: Baby B's Crochet Boutique

This week our featured shop is a relatively new shop. Baby B's Crochet Boutique started in August 2012.

 Baby B's Crochet Boutique's owner Heaven Cash says, "I am a wife and mother of two boys! I started my business page On August 9th, 2012. I learned to crochet from my grandma. However, I only new how to do a double crochet and make blankets. I kept seeing patterns for hats, scarves, and booties that I just loved. I kept telling myself I wish I could make that. I tried and got frustrated and gave up for about a month. I then decided to try again. I got some help from the pattern designers on how to read the patterns and ever since then I have been doing great.

An interesting fact about myself would be that besides crocheting, my other hobby is bowling. When I was in high school I was in the bowling league :)

The people who had the most influence on me would be my grandma, Michelle Norton ( Michelle's Masterpieces),and  RAKJPATTERNS.

I Keep adding items to my shop because I see cute patterns out there and I just think to myself how cute it would be on my nieces and nephews as well as my own kids :)"

When asked about the challenges of being a small business owner, Heaven says, "The most Challenging thing about having my own business would be getting in orders and keeping up with them. It gets hectic at times but I keep pushing myself and make sure my orders are finished in a timely manner and that my customers are satisfied. :)"

Heaven's favorite blogs are RepeatCrafterme and Mad Mad Me. "I love what those ladies have to post and share :) " Her favorites also include the color blue, ice cream, monkeys, & Dr Pepper. Her favorite store is Hobby Lobby, & her favorite way to relax is crocheting.

Take a moment to look at Baby B's Crochet Boutique's Facebook page, and Pinterest board. It is always nice to gain new fans, and make sure to tell her hi from Violet's Buds!

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