Saturday, March 16, 2013

Reading Brings You Together Online Book Party

I am hosting an online book party with my friend at Reading with Kelli. I would like to invite everyone to check out these great books, and if you are interested, view & join the party here. (Joining the party does not obligate you to make a purchase)

I've asked Kelli to tell us why she loves Usborne Books… "I met my supervisor last year at a local fair. She was showing me books that were age appropriate for my kids. She was also telling me about some good chapter books for my daughter. She is an advanced reader and it is hard to find books for her that are of appropriate content. My supervisor was telling me about the dual reader books. That is when I knew I needed to join."
"The book was The Little Book of Farmyard Tales. It has 2 lines on each page of the story. The first one is simple and to the point. The second is more detail. If your little one won’t sit still you can read just the top portion, otherwise read the whole story. There is a little duck hidden on each page which keeps even the most active toddler still so you can read each page. Lastly, it grows with them so when they start reading, they can read the top and you read the bottom, until they can read the whole story themselves!"

"Usborne has books for all ages and reading levels. There are Touch and Feel books like the “That’s Not My” books. There are activity books, sticker books, wipe clean and even cards you can clip together for the long family trips. We have TONS of non-fiction for the active learner. I can almost guarantee you that whatever subject your child is learning about or interested in, we have the book! We have chapter books for the young readers and the advanced. And I can’t forget to mention all the encyclopedias and other educational, internet linked books. Each page has a link on it for your child to go to and learn more. This is a SAFE and awesome way for your child to learn even more!
I love working with this company and have already put to use several of the books that I have purchased or received free. You can earn free books by hosting a party and if you aren’t in Colorado, you can do an online party. Please see my Facebook page at to learn more!"
Picture of See Inside Science

I picked up an Usborne flap book several months ago, and I love it. Its called See Inside Science, and even though my daughter is not quite 3 years old, she loves to identify items on the page and lift the little flaps. If you are interested in purchasing, or interested in hosting a party, I encourage you to visit the event page for my online party. You can help me earn new books for my daughter, find out about current specials, or learn about hosting your own party!

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