Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Challenging Fabric, Fabric Challenge

I am participating in a fabric challenge with fellow Mad Mad Makers crafters, and have been pretty excited to get started. The rules are to make an item using as much or as little of the challenge fabric as you want (think Chopped or Iron Chef, but with fabric). You can incorporate any other materials to complete your item. We have a deadline of May 3rd to complete our items, photograph them, & submit them for voting. Yes, there will be a winner, along with a giveaway for fans (details are in the works).

Part of the challenge was only the team member in charge of distributing the fabric knew what we were receiving. I had visions of richly designed, brightly colored fabric arriving on my doorstep. I had assumed that I could make a table full of hair accessories from my one yard of challenge fabric.
To my surprise, as well as the other challengers, this fabric was not what I had envisioned!
I think team member Cara's Handcrafted Crocheted Ornaments, said it best, "MeLinda outdid herself picking something WAY outside the box and I wasn't the only one astounded! Out of the 14 participants, I think I only saw one immediate 'oh yay!' response." Now comes the tough part. What in the world do I make?

I am not very proficient at machine sewing. I've given it a try several times, and I'm not very good at it yet. I am trying to experiment with different ways to use it with my hair accessories, but am not inspired yet. I'm hoping to have a lightbulb moment soon, because the deadline is going to arrive before I know it!

I'd love to know, what would you make with this fabric?

Mad Mad Makers

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  1. ohh, I love that fabric. can you sew enough to make a little clutch purse? with the underfabric a pretty robins egg blue? or carefully cut out some of those "flowers" and attach them to felt and use them on a headband? whatever you do, I'm sure it will look great, and be sure to share it.

    1. I think I have my plan, and several of the crafters in the group will be doing sneak peeks soon. Then after the deadline we will all reveal our projects and have fans vote on them. I will for sure blog about mine too!

  2. That screams to be a overskirt to a petti type skirt!!!! something in a shiny brite color :)


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