Saturday, April 6, 2013

Mixed Media Greeting Card DIY

We're happy to have Leeann from Rain's Krafty Korner as our guest blogger!

Hi Bloggers, I am Leeann and this is my own variation on the cross stitched card. It is mixed media and very simple to do. You can find the pattern I used as the cross Stitch part here at
This tutorial will be simple with pictures of each step. This technique started out in my mind as something fun I would like to try. I bought some folded cards, some colored envelopes, and a paper puncher.  My cards are simple in design and whimsical. I am actually a a year and a half later still working on the initial supplies I purchased.

Materials you need:
3.5 by 5 inch cross stitched card blank. I use 14 count Aida
1 A2 size folded card. I purchased Hero arts blank A2 Cards at which has a wide variety of colors.
Elmer’s Craft Bond Glue Stick. (Can get  Elmers-Craft Bond Glue Stick at any craft store)
Optional Paper Puncher. I have 2 separate 3 corner punchers I purchased at

How to Assemble:
You need your card blank 

You also need your A2 card 

Next you need your craft bond glue stick

Now the fun part. You take your blank and turn it over to the wrong side where you tuck your thread and apply the glues to all corners and to the middle of the back of the blank.
Tip: Don’t worry if you get too much glue on. It goes on Blue but dries Clear.

Now you have your glue back and the folded card   

Next step is to apply the back of the blank you just put glue on onto the front of the A2 folded card. Make sure you put the left side on the blank once you flip it towards the folded crease of the card, and the right side towards where the card opens.
Tip: You need to smooth down the pieces so they lay flat against each other. Again don’t worry about the glue, it dries clear

Now the hardest part if you chose and that is the punching of the corners. It’s a little hard to punch through two layers of card stock, but this gives the final touch. 
Tip: I use three corner punchers, but you can use a single puncher

Punch the Right Side  

Punch the Left Side

And now you have a completed mixed media cross stitched card.

This tutorial was my by Leeann Martin the Creative Mind behind Rain’s Krafty Korner. I hope everyone enjoys making these cards as much as I enjoy making them.

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