Monday, May 6, 2013

Autism Speaks Fundraiser Raffle

Our good friend at Crafty Kelli's Baby Accessories has a great opportunity & fundraiser. She is selling raffle tickets and one lucky winner will get this Autism Build-a-Bear, and the second place winner will receive an Autism Awareness shirt made by Crafty Kelli's! All funds raised by raffle ticket purchases will be donated to A Million Pieces for Autism towards Autism Speaks fundraising efforts.
Buy a raffle ticket for just $5 and have a chance at winning this NEW Autism Bear from Build A Bear!  Winner gets to take him to Build a Bear and give it a name and print a birth certificate!  See the photo for details on how to buy a ticket!!!  Raffle will be open from May 6-18th!

(The only money that I am keeping for myself is to cover the shipping.  I personally bought and donated the bear and I am personally do the shirts.  Shipping can be in US or Canada.  ALL of the rest of the money will go to Autism Speaks!!!)

Find out more about this fundraiser on Crafty Kelli's Baby Accessories blog. Originally posted on on May 5th, reposted with permission.

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