Monday, May 27, 2013

Bento Basics- tips for making lunch fun

I'm happy to introduce our guest blogger this week, Diana from Diana Rambles. She is a crafty work at home mom who has a great blog. She is sharing with us her Bento Basics, Part 1.

making lunch fun bentos
A few years ago I saw some cute lunches called bentos online and thought they would be fun to make for my daughter. I was familiar with the term bento from living in Hawaii and traveling in Asia. I loved the cute spin that I was seeing on these boxed lunches. As we approached Kindergarten, I decided that I was going to make cute bentos for my daughter's lunch each day. I wanted her to be eating a full, healthy lunch and to feel comforted by being apart during the day with my loving gesture.

I am starting this series of tips here at Diana Rambles called Bento Basics to teach others how to make sure your child is eating healthy with fun lunches.

Tip: Introduce new foods by making their food fun! I didn't want to be sending junk food in my daughter's lunch, so when I give her new foods or ones she's not a fan of, I make them cute by using a cookie cutter, decorating, or making it fun.

how to make bentos
Nutella introduced in a butterfly shaped sandwich. Skewered blueberries adds to the fun!
fish cute fun bentos
Introduced cantaloupe (starfish) and edamame in this under the sea themed bento.
cute butterfly bentos basics
My daughter won't eat peas at dinner, but she will in a cute lunch!
Tip: Making cute lunches doesn't have to be expensive! You don't need a lot of gadgets to make lunch cute. While there are lots of bento supplies out there, you can use simple containers, cookie cutters, and even make your own food picks.

on the go bento
Disposable restaurant container used for a road trip bento for my teen son.
muffin tin meal bento
Daddy-Daughter dance theme in a muffin tin for lunch at home. Silicone liners from Dollar Tree.
angry birds bento rubbermade
Angry Birds packed in a Rubbermade container. Nori (wrapper used in sushi) for black accents.
Tip: Don't worry if your creation isn't as cute as those online! There are a lots of very cute & creative bentos out there. Don't get hung up on how cute or fun yours are. You only have 1 person to impress and that's your kid or whomever you are making the bento for. Here are a few of my less than perfect lunches that my daughter adored.

my first bento lunch
This was my very first bento.
fun panda lunch bento
My panda turned out kind of creepy, but she loved it!
basic bento lunch pack
This is supposed to be a flower garden.
Read more about Bento Basics on Diana Rambles!

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  1. Those lunches are adorable! So creative and healthy!

    1. They are so cute, I can't wait to give some of them a try too!

  2. Hi there!

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award :). Congratulations!


    1. What cute and cool ideas! I am going to start trying this out over the summer and these would be perfect to send with my daughter to kindergarten!


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