Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fabric Challenge Reveal

It is time to reveal our creation from the Mad Maker's Fabric Challenge! This fabric was pretty far out of my comfort zone, but I really like the way everything turned out. You can learn more about Mad Mad Makers on their new website.

challenge fabric
Initially when I saw the fabric I thought about turning it into a skirt, which is what I did. I made this pink jersey knit skirt with the black lace overlay for my daughter. I included a pretty pink button that I got from Smalltown Dreamz. This was only the second skirt I've made, and I think it turned out ok.

 Once the skirt was done, I realized the outfit wouldn't be complete without a coordinating hair bow. I used the black lace plus the pink jersey knit to make a cute flower clip.

The skirt is nice & twirly, as you can see my little one had fun modeling it.

Since I have a problem stopping once I start creating, I made several additional coordinating hair clips. I now have them available for sale at Violet's Buds.

The other challenge participants are very talented, and have revealed their items as well. I'm happy to share them with you!
by Spiffy Dolls 
by The Crafty Geekette
by Sewing by Shannon Cox
by Gramma Bean's Homemade Gifts
by Simply Stitched by Sheri Anne
by Heritage Heartcraft
by Pink Snail Boutique
by Ella Bella Bows
by Whimsy Stitch by Sarah
by Just Cheeky Boutique
So, what do you think? I love how many different designs & products all came from the same fabric. Which are your favorites?

Some shops do have their items for sale, others created their items just for fun. Contact each shop individually about making a purchase.

You can also read Pink Snail's reveal here.

The Best Etsy Coupons for VioletsBuds


  1. I love all of them! That purse came out really well and I love Cara's desk set! I also like Pink Snail's capelet, or whatever it might be called.

    1. I love the purse too, and the desk set is such a clever idea!

  2. Wow! All these designs are amazing. You have created so many different things just out of one fabric, I didn't think this would be possible. But every one of you has done a great job in her own way of creating. I can't say which one is my favourite because I love all designs.

    1. Thank you! I know we all had a great time. I hope we get to do another challenge soon.

  3. what great items...your skirt turned out really cute. I have to say I love the purse and that white shirt with the crochet top...<3

  4. They turned out great!! Too hard to choose just one!!


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