Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pancake-a-holic's ongoing experiments

GipsonWands brings you another guest post, this time its all about pancakes.

Breakfasts on the weekends are a big thing for me. I’ve tried to instill a love of breakfast in my daughter. It seems like every weekend I have her asking me to make pancakes and I’m all too happy to oblige. She loves to get on a step ladder and watch me make them. But just buttermilk pancakes can get boring so I’ve been spicing things up by adding creative ingredients.
So, for you’re reading pleasure I’ve decided to collect some of my better recipes, they haven’t all been winners.
I’ve fallen in love with the “just add water” type of buttermilk pancake batter (I found a large package of it at Sam’s Club) and have had some great success with it. The mix makes adding extras easy.
Strawberry shortcake pancakes
1 cup mix plus water per pkg directions
1 teaspoon Lemon extract
1 tablespoon Freeze dried strawberries slightly crushed (optional)
Sliced Strawberries for topping
Whipped cream/cool whip

In a medium bowl ( I use a large measuring cup) put one cup of the mix. I found the easiest way to make the pancake taste super tasty and lighter is just a little lemon extract. Follow the directions on the pancake mix and add water (if you like your pancakes a little dense just add less water), then add the lemon Extract, stir till blended, lastly add the slightly crushed freeze dried strawberries. You want to crush the freeze dried berries since whole slices are too big. We get our freeze dried strawberries at Target, the Archer Farms variety. Mix to combine and start making pancakes immediately so the
dried strawberries don’t soak up to much water. I use a 1/8th cup scoop because I find it makes great small pancakes. When they are done let them cool a little then add sliced fresh strawberries and layer the cakes with whipped topping.
Banana and Sweet Potato pancakes
1 cup mix plus  
1 cup pureed sweet potato & banana mixture*
water, if needed
1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice

My wife had some sweet potato and banana puree (instructions below) left over from a muffin recipe that I used to make these pancakes. Unlike before, you will want to add the water last. Stir together the pancake mix with the sweet potato banana puree plus the pumpkin pie spice. If the batter is still dry add a little water until it is your desired consistency. My daughter likes me to add food coloring to make colored pancakes so I added blue to the mix and it turned out green.

What are your favorite pancakes?

*Sweet Potato & Banana Puree
I used 5 sweet potatoes and 2 very ripe bananas for this puree because it is what I had on hand. It can be done in really any quantity.
Peel & dice your sweet potatoes. Place the sweet potatoes in a slow cooker with a little water, enough to cover the bottom of the cooker. Cook on low for 8 hours, or until the potatoes are super soft. Allow to cool, then puree the sweet potatoes with the ripe bananas in a food processor. Use the pureed mix in place of pumpkin or for sweet potatoes in most any baking recipe.

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  1. This sounds tasty! I like the addition of lemon, and I've never thought to put freeze dried fruit in pancakes.


  2. Oh these look good! My favorite are the whole grain ones that they make at the little breakfast stop by my house! haha

    Thank you for spreading JOY and sharing at the Oh What a HAPPY Day party.

    Holly at Not Done Growing


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