Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Making a Solid Wood Crochet Hook

GipsonWands is bringing us another glimpse into his creative process. Today he is showing how he creates solid wood crochet hooks.

In the beginning a crochet hook is made just like a wand (if you haven't read how a wand is made go here) but one striking change is the tip. The tip will need to be carved into the actual hook so I leave the tip thicker. It ends up looking like a bulb on the end of  short wand. For crochet hooks the most important part, aside from the hook, is the shaft-- it has to be the right size. To get the correct diameter of the different sizes, I bought a set of aluminum hooks. I use a caliper to accurately get the measurement. Once I get the hook body done on the lathe and have the shaft to the right size it will look like the photo below,

The handle is done and sanded but the tip still needs to be carved.

First, I take the cylindrical tip and file the sides down to flatten it, one important thing to note on this step is the direction of the wood grain. You want the hook at a 45 degree angle to the grain for strength. If the hook was at a 90 to the grain it would be very likely to break a hook parallel to the grain is likely to split.

Once it's flattened, I take the aluminum hook and trace the profile and start hand filing it down to match the outer edge the throat, the point, and the shaft.

Once the general shape is done I trace the hook again (because i just filed the old pencil marks off) and mark where the groove is and use a small drill bit and drill through it.

then I use a round file to start getting the general shape of the groove of the hook.

then a small chisel to take away the excess and shape the groove and the shaft.

Next is the sand paper to make sure the tip is smooth and doesn't catch on the yarn. I start off with a 150 grit and work my way up to 600.

This is the final product all sanded and coated with Linseed oil.

If you are interested in ordering a custom crochet hook, contact GipsonWands at gipsonwands.shop@yahoo.com, his Storenvy shop, or via Facebook.

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