Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Change the World Wednesday Challenge - Ceiling Fan

Two weeks ago someone I follow on Twitter asked, "What are you doing to change the world? #CTWW" I replied, "Shopping Handmade!" After my reply I learned that CTWW stands for Change the World Wednesday, a weekly challenge to do more to to help our environment. What a great idea!

I love that you can jump in at any point of the challenge, and take part in what you can. I like all-inclusive, easy-going communities like that! This week's challenge has been in honor of National Ceiling Fan Day, which took place on Sept. 18th.

We turned our AC off starting Sept 19th (yes, we were a bit late) and have left it off all week. The weather has been nice, which helped, but a few days I did miss the AC. Instead, we used our ceiling & box fans to stay cool.

One easy way to keep the house cool if we know it will get hot later, we open all the windows in the early morning and cool the house down. As the day warms up, we shut the blinds & windows getting a lot of sunlight. By the late afternoon, we have all the blinds of the south & west facing windows shut. It helps reduce the heat a lot!

Want to join CTWW, or take a look at the previous challenges? Head over here!

I did the prior week's challenge- Hair Removal, but didn't get a chance to blog about it, so I'm including that in today's post below.

For the Hair Removal CTWW challenge, I must admit, I didn't skip shaving completely. I did shave less frequently, and I use a reusable razor rather than a disposable one. One pack of 4 razor heads can last me several years. One way to keep your reusable razor heads sharp longer is to sharpen them on denim. The denim fabric helps to sharpen & take the nicks out of the razor.

Its easy, and a good way to use up the denim scraps I have. I have several pairs of jeans that they knees or butt have worn out, but the legs are fine. What I don't use for crafting is great for razor sharpening,

Lay the denim flat and stroke your razor downward (like shaving) 10-20x. Then, stroke your razor in an upward motion 10-20x. Ta-dah! That's all it takes. You can do this every time your blade feels dull.

If you give it a try, I'd love to know your thoughts!

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  1. Excellent tips ... for both challenges. And thank you for the kind mention! :-) I hate to use A/C and, like you, have found that if we open the windows in the morning and then close everything, including curtains, in the afternoon, our home stays very comfortable. We use ceiling fans and there are times that we're actually too cool when outside it's quite hot. Thank you for the razor sharpening tip ... I've heard of running the razor backwards but not your particular technique. I think it would work better because one would be addressing both sides of the blade. Brilliant! :-)


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