Monday, October 28, 2013

Be a Doll- Help Make a Difference

The talented Cody from Lu & Ed has something special to announce-- the latest collaboration from Team Lu & Ed! Keep reading to learn more about this new product, and how it can help children in our area.

Toys should make childhood colorful & fun - and I like to think that is exactly what the latest Team Lu & Ed products do!

The Mollie Shop teamed up with Lu & Ed to create ten handmade, one of a kind fabric dolls for kids, which launched today in Lu & Ed's shop! Each one reps Team Lu & Ed by wearing the easily recognizable Team Lu & Ed colors: bright red, bright blue, chartruese, tangerine and sunshine yellow!  These dolls are available here.

Each adorable dollie has their own name, personality and story, and will be making a difference in the lives of children in Kansas City, Missouri - $20 from the purchase of each doll will be donated to Drumm Farm Center for Children, a group home for children in foster care in Kansas City!

How can you help?  All purchases of Team Lu & Ed products will benefit children in need, but you can also help without spending a penny by spreading the Team Lu & Ed mission to use artistic collaborations to bring joy to the children in need of big smiles! In addition to these radical dolls, there is also limited edition art prints, Christmas ornaments and hair accessories by various artists in the Team Lu & Ed collection. A portion of the proceeds from each benefits Drumm Farm! Here is the link for Team Lu & Ed products. Tweet it, Facebook it, G+ it, blog about it - every little bit helps and Team Lu & Ed members will give you mucho love and big virtual hugs! ♥

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