Sunday, October 6, 2013

Featured Shop of the Week- Yarn Baby

This week we are featuring Shannon, a fiber art specialist, and her shop Yarn Baby.

The evolution of Yarn Baby: mother teaches me to crochet --> crochet lots --> open shop --> fall in love with handspun yarn --> learn to spin --> learn to dye --> dye fiber then spin it --> dye millspun yarn --> LOVE FIBER ARTS!

I taught music in public schools for 10 years. When baby #2 was born we decided I'd stay home to save daycare costs. I must have needed a new creative outlet because I began crocheting like mad only 2 months after he was born. It's all Yarn, Baby! :-)

I would like Yarn Baby to become my full-time gig by the time my little one is in school full time. That's a scary thought...but I know it can be done because I have seen others do it! I am very observant - I'm always learning from others.

Favorite part of fiber processing -- dyeing yarn/wool. I get giddy everytime!
Favorite instrument -- piano...I really should play more.
Favorite outdoor activity -- mountain biking!
Favorite cardio exercise -- Zumba
Favorite food -- tomato soup and cheese toast (on gluten free bread...I have loads of food allergies)
Favorite song -- Chinese, by Lily Allen

When my oldest child was born, he quickly gravitated towards blankets made of yarn. He LOVES handmade crochet or knit blankets. He is the reason I started to crochet so I could replace his blankie when it began to fall apart. When my youngest was born, he also gravitated to yarn blankets! I started calling them my yarn babies. My shop is named after them. Yarn Baby.

You can find Yarn Baby online at Facebook, Store, Pinterest, Craftsy, & Ravelry. Shannon is offering a special deal: get 20% off the purchase of 2 or more items with code BUYHANDMADE. This code is exclusive to the first 10 uses, then will expire, so hurry!

I'd love to know, what is your favorite Yarn Baby item?

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