Tuesday, November 19, 2013

DIY Laundry Detergent

This week our guest contributor is Tessa from Krmbal, and she is giving us her recipe for simple laundry detergent.

We all know that the largest impact from our clothes comes from washing them and after hearing about all of the toxic chemicals found in fabric softener (see this post) I decided we should probably take a look at our laundry detergent also.

I forget where I found the original recipe for laundry detergent, but there are a ton out there. I edited this recipe a bit and it works great and is pretty easy. I decided to go with a powder b/c liquids had the exact same ingredients, but just a ton of extra water that I felt was unnecessary and a bit wasteful.

1 cup Castille soap, grated (about 1/2 a bar of Dr. Bronner’s)
1 1/2 cups Washing Soda
2 cups Baking Soda
Use 2 tablespoons per load.

and that’s all there is to it.
I ended up “grating” the soap into flakes with a pair of scissors while I was watching tv and that was the most intensive part. It looked like this before I added the two different sodas to it.
This stuff shouldn’t have any phosphates in it, so it’s better for the environment should it get out past waste-water treatment. It also tends to work pretty darn well and is cheaper to make than it is to buy conventional detergent. It doesn’t foam up like you would expect, so it makes you nervous that it’s not working, but the clothes come out clean. Although I was a bit disappointed b/c I chose the mint Dr. Bronner’s and hoped my clothes would smell minty-fresh, but they did not. They still smell clean, it’s just not a minty smell.

This stuff has also done pretty well on stains by just putting it in the washer. I tend to put 1 spoon in before the clothes and 1 on top of them afterward. The one thing that we saw that it didn’t work well on was a grease stain. I didn’t know that shirt had a grease stain on it though, so didn’t get a chance to pre-treat it before I threw it in the washer and reports are that it if you add a bit of water to make a paste and apply it to the stain ahead of time, it will also work to help get stains out.

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