Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Make a Pin-Back Button

Our guest blogger this week is Toni from Little House of Crafting. She is going to show us the step by step process to make pin-back buttons!

The button materials here are those necessary to make 1.25 inch buttons. Luckily, the process used to make pinback buttons does not change across sizes. This means you can use this process for creating 1 inch buttons as well as the 3 inch buttons! :D

There are various kinds of button presses and button cutters. Those used here are from www.buttonbiz.com/.

The button design used in this tutorial is my own creation. Please do not use it without permission.

Now, let's make some buttons!

Materials needed:

Materialsrevised by Tharidra

1. Use button cutter to cut button designs. See example below:

Cutter by Tharidra

2. Prep the button maker as shown below:

Prep by Tharidra

3. Put the shell in the left side of the button maker:

Shell by Tharidra

4. Put the design on top of the shell:

Design by Tharidra

5. Add the mylar on top of the shell and the design. Add the pinback into the right side of the press. Make sure that the pinback is facing the opposite direction of the graphic. Here, the graphic has the top of the design pointing left. This means that you want to have the top of the pinback pointing right:

Mylar by Tharidra

6. Move the design up and push the button maker handle down to punch the design. 

Move design up by Tharidra

7. The shell, design and mylar are held in the press, awaiting the pinback:

Reset by Tharidra

8. Move the pinback button design up to where the design was and push the button press handle down to punch the design and the pinback together:

Move pinback up by Tharidra

9. And now you have a button! :D

Yay button by Tharidra

10. Repeat until the process until you have made the desired amount of buttons:

Repeat by Tharidra

Enjoy your new found artisan craft! :D If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me.

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