Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stencil Tutorial- Hipster Style

One of our favorite contributors, Holly from Landon's Toy Box, is here to share her Stencil Tutorial this week!
Landon's Toy Box

I don't know about you, but I have an unhealthy obsession with revamping my clothes. I just can't keep myself from sewing, cutting, refashioning and painting items from my wardrobe!
So I'm going to show you how I made this Hipster Glasses Top in less than 30 minutes.

This sweater is pretty old and needed a face lift! 
So I thought I'd go a little nerd chic with some freezer paper and paint!

If you don't know about freezer paper, it looks like this:

You can pick some up at your local grocery store or Walmart!
Cut off a section bigger than what you want to stencil - 
I usually go extra big since I tend to be messy and 
I don't want paint splatter around my design.

Here's the glasses silhouette I used to trace onto my paper:
Blow it up to whatever size will look good on your shirt.
It would even look pretty awesome on a bag... maybe I'll  do that next!)

Trace the silhouette onto the freezer paper
- it's see through, so I just held it up to the computer screen- 
and this is what it looked like.

Next, cut out your design with a small exacto knife. 
The negative space is where you will be painting.

Position and iron on your freezer paper. 
There are two sides to freezer paper, a matte side and a waxy side. 
Iron it on MATTE SIDE UP
The waxy side will adhere to the fabric creating a crisp line to keep your paint from seeping.

Set your iron to MEDIUM HEAT!

Now, you get to paint! I use specialty fabric paint. You could use regular craft paint as well, but it will have a "harder" feel and will fade after a few washes.
(Otherwise the back of your shirt will get paint on it too - and no one wants that!)
Dab your paint on in small sections slowly to prevent bleeding.

Once the paint dries, remove the freezer paper by 
pulling it slowly from the shirt to reveal your design!
I like to use tweezers to grab the small parts that are in the middle.

Heat set your paint by ironing over your design 
(follow the directions on your fabric paint)
and VOILA! A hipster inspired top!

Recommended Care: Wash your stenciled shirt inside out in cold water ONLY

I'm super happy with how it turned out. It's definitely more interesting than how it started 
and I can promise no one else will have a shirt like this one.

What will you make with a freezer paper stencil? 
It's super easy and soooo much fun!
But be careful - it's addictive!

Want even more? Check out the Harry Potter inspired stencil tee-- with free template download!

Peace Love & Create

Holly is the creator & artist behind Landon's Toy Box, specializing in unique, long-lasting & environmentally friendly toys. She also is a blogger featuring handmade shops and great tutorials.


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