Friday, January 10, 2014

Collection of Collections

I love my Storenvy shop! After some encouragement from fellow sellers, I opened my Storenvy shop in addition to the existing Etsy shop, around May of last year. I enjoy so many different features, and one of my favorites is the ability to create Collections. Similar to building an Etsy Treasury, anyone can curate a group of products from shops across the site.

This week I made two themed collections this week- Over the Rainbow and Woodland Friends
featuring Just for Littles, Origami Delights, The Mollie Shop, Sweet Pea Treasures and more
featuring Squshies, Adore by Nat, Landon's Toy Box and more

I like to browse collections as well as build them. Here are several of my favorites from this week.
Don't mess with me, alpaca punch! Collection by Kodeekins
Shades of Blue Collection from tramomof2
Thanks! Collection by Randi Carlton
Under the Sea Collection by squshies
Nautical Love Collection by Magda Marsh
Bean Me Collection by Kelly Kiser

Which collection is your favorite? I encourage you to build one, and leave the link in the comments!


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