Sunday, January 12, 2014

Featured Shop of the Week- Melli's Yarn Works

Our talented featured shop this week is Melli's Yarn Works. I made custom orders with Melissa for holiday gifts and I can tell you her work is high quality! The yarn is so soft, and the knitting well done.

I started loom knitting in 2012. It was something fun to do and my first loom set was a Christmas gift. I did not start selling until June of 2012 where I opened my Etsy store with just a few items. I wanted to share my loom creations with more people, but couldn’t keep just giving away the items! I needed to fund my yarn hoarding somehow! I also started with my blog, Melli’s Mish Mash which allowed me another outlet to share my loom creations. This blog is also hopefully becoming a resource for those who are new to loom knitting.

Melli's Yarn Works houses all my loom knit creations (and possibly soon in depth patterns!!). My loom knit creations vary, there are hats, scarves, wrist warmers and even bags. I love choosing new yarns to work with, I love soft and colorful yarns.

I think what makes my shop special is that you do not see a lot of loom knit items like mine. Most of my items are patterns made by myself. I want to provide people with the ability to learn loom knitting as well and am trying to make myself a useful resource for others.

I recently redid my craft room and now I have my yarn taking over a huge bookcase, it looks fantastic! I usually do most of my loom knitting at my desk in our loft. It is easy to interact with everyone in my family and loom knitting is really easy to put down and go hang out with my son when needed!

The most challenging thing to me is the self promotion and keeping positive during dry spells (i.e. no sale months). It's tough knowing you have beautiful things just sitting there waiting to be sent out!

I love bright blue. It is my favorite color, along with certain shades of green and black.
My favorite actress is Jennifer Lawrence. She is amazing! I love coffee. It's almost an addiction!
I am an avid reader. I always have like four or five books I'm reading at the same time.

You can find Melli's Yarn Works online at Facebook, Storenvy, Etsy, Blog, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.

During this week, all fans can use code VBD25 which is good for 25% off on anything in the shop, including custom orders. The code will be active on both Etsy and Storenvy during the week of the feature.

Want to have your business featured on Violet's Buds blog? Click here to fill out the application for Featured Shop of the Week. This program aimed to give fellow businesses added exposure, and to introduce our fans to your products!


  1. I love the half gloves (not sure if that's the name of it) :D <3

  2. I LOVE LOVE her work!!! My fingerless gloves are so warm and help my wrist so much!! What a great feature! ♥

  3. I like the blue scarf up above. Blue is my favorite color too!

  4. I LOVE LoVE LOVE! Your shop! My scarf, hats and gloves have been keeping me warm this winter! I'm so happy to have them!

  5. What a great article! Love her shop! Love Jennifer Lawrence too! :-)

  6. I love her shop! I love the wrist warmers.

    chevrons & anchors

  7. I'm eyeing these awesome looking fingerless gloves on her SE! I don't think I've even heard of loom knitting! Sounds pretty rad! xo


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