Saturday, February 1, 2014

#CreativeDaily - February

Did you enjoy January's #CreativeDaily photo challenge? You are just in time to join February's challenge! Cody from Lu & Ed has released the new month of prompts. Read more from her below!

On January 1st I released a photo challenge geared specifically towards makers called #CreativeDaily. The challenge gives creative business owners a raw, human face - it shows the moments, methods and memories that each maker is made from. So far, there is almost 1000 images uploaded for January's Creative Daily prompts.

I am so overwhelmed with the response from the creative community so far and excited to be releasing February's prompt list and announcing that I will be continuing this photo challenge through all of 2014! Here's the list for February's challenge. This graphic is sized for Instagram so feel free to download and share via social media!

I can't wait to connect & converse with makers & creatives as we snap through this challenge together! ♥

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