Saturday, February 15, 2014

Team Lu & Ed - collaborations benefitting charity

Our dear friend Cody from Lu & Ed is here to tell everyone more about her collaborative work that benefits a local charity.

I love it when customers ask for new products, but sometimes I can't always fill those requests.

Enter Team Lu & Ed.

I keep a list of customer suggestions. One day I was looking at that list and decided I need to do something about it - so I started reaching out to other artists who I admire for their talent and positive personalities to collaborate with to fulfill those suggestions!

Collaborating is such a wonderful experience. I love working with other artists to make unique, limited edition products and I hope that you enjoy seeing what we scheme up together! Together, me and the artists I am teaming up with are changing the world - proceeds from each Team Lu & Ed product are donated to charity!

Team Lu & Ed proudly supports Drumm Farm Center for Children, with as much as 100% from Team Lu & Ed products going to the group home environment for children in the Missouri foster care system in Kansas City, where I call home. ♥ 

Here is a run down on currently active collaborations & products you can find in my shop

Cari from makes incredible fur haired fabric dolls & perfectly pleasant handmade fabric fabric hair bows! I was thrilled when she designed two types of bows - a ribbon/bottlecap bow and a fabric bow - to represent Team Lu & Ed! Cari graciously donates 100% of the proceeds from these bows to Team Lu & Ed's designated charity!

This winter Cari & I launched ten fabric, fur hair Mollie Dollies made in Team Lu & Ed colors -  with 50% going to Team Lu & Ed's designated charity! The dolls flew off the shelves and there are just a few left!

Danielle of Squshies makes colorful mini felt characters that can be used as ornaments or soft wall art for kids, and I was stoked when she agreed to work with me to create ten limited edition mini wall art Mon-stors! They were a huge hit, almost totally selling out before the holidays and now there is only a couple left available on clearance in my shop! Scoop one up - $7 from the purchase price goes to charity through Team Lu & Ed

Kelly of Kiser Krafts is a multi-medium artist who creates sock animals and crochet wear. She has designed an adorable crochet Gabos Mon-stor hat! There will only ten of these limited edition Mon-stor hats available, each one made to order, with 50% from the sales price donated -  and there's only four left! EEK! Scoop yours up now to keep your noggin warm!

Holly of Landon's Toy Box is a wood artist who makes ecofriendly hand painted wooden peg people action figures for kids to play with! She made ten limited edition Gabos Peggies and is donating 50% to charity through Team Lu & Ed!

Brittany of Little Green Guy is a multi-media artist who works in water color, sculpting and plush making to create adorable little monster art pieces! She took the concept of my branding and created a unique water color painting which we are offering limited edition prints of that are on sale for $8 off! Perfect decor for a nursery or play room! 20% of the purchase price is donated to charity!

You can find Lu & Ed on Storenvy, Facebook, Twitter, blog, and Instagram.

Now that you've seen some of the amazing Team Lu & Ed items what are your favorites? I have ordered several Team Lu & Ed products, and I love that my purchases help others. Here are a few photos of the awesomeness I've received.

All the products are high quality, and full of awesome!

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