Thursday, March 13, 2014

It's Easy Being Green

Gipsonwands is sharing with us this methods for keeping his business green. 

Being Green isn’t about color; it’s a mindset that you have and actions that you take to be a good steward of this planet. I recycle, I use LED bulbs, I have a vegetable garden, I compost, and drive a more efficient vehicle, but what steps do I take as a small business owner to make my business green? 

Many of you that are frequent readers will know that I am striving for Green wand making. Here are four steps that I take to be greener. 

Local lumber    When I say local lumber I don’t mean that I go to the local lumber yard and buy what they have. I find local trees and remove limbs from them. (Most times this is within a few miles of my house) I then allow this lumber to dry in a controlled environment (my basement) before I mill the lumber myself. Since I cut the wood myself, I know it has not been treated with any chemicals.

Reclaimed lumber   Whether it’s barn wood, pallets, barrel staves, or salvaged scraps I like to use wood that would otherwise be put in a landfill. 

Packaging   I prefer to go for a bare minimum packaging and re-using packaging.  The cardboard and styrofoam I use is re-purposed from old containers.

Using/Re-using everything   Instead of going to a landfill there is a use for almost all the waste I create. I use the saw dust I create in my garden as compost/mulch, and I take scraps to make Bookmarks and beads.

What steps do you take to be eco-friendly?

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