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Lily & Bo Doberman Rescue

I love when I find shops that give back to charity. When I learned about Lily & Bo's commitment to donate to animal rescue, I knew I needed to share it! Carrie, the owner and creator at Lily & Bo tells us why she chose Doberman Rescue of Minnesota, and more about the charity.

Here is why I am passionate about this. Last year, we applied to adopt a foster dog. Because we had a cat, at that time there were no dobermans that were tolerant of cats! In the meantime, we ended up adopting a baby doberman puppy and became DRM volunteers. The staff and volunteers are amazing and beyond helpful. The foster parents are fantastic and the glue to this organization. To see so many animal lovers in one place is simply amazing! To know that 100% of your donation stays within the organization and helps so many rescue dobermans- it just makes you feel overwhelmed with happiness!

You can find Lily & Bo on Facebook, Shop, blog, Twitter, and Instagram. Keep reading to find out more about the rescue organization.

Doberman Rescue Minnesota is an all volunteer, non profit 501C, charitable
organization founded in 2000.

They are dedicated to finding the best possible homes for all Dobermans that come into
their adoption program. Be assured that the decisions and recommendations regarding
surrendering or adoption a Doberman are based primarily on what is in the best interest of
the dog and are guided by many years of experience with this special breed. They care
as much about the quality of life for all Dobermans in their program as they do their own dogs.

Dobermans in their program are never kenneled and live in private homes with foster families who 
evaluate the Doberman for temperament and behavior traits so they can make recommendations on 
the best type of home for their dogs. They have many dogs who are available and in need.
lily & bo is a proud volunteer for the Doberman Rescue Minnesota and very
excited to share some great news with you~

30% of EVERY order we receive will go towards the Doberman Rescue Minnesota!

How are we going to do that? 

Each time you order, we take 30% of your order and send it weekly via Paypal right to the 
Doberman Rescue Minnesota.
Along with the money, will also be a copy of the print out of your order so they will 
see where the 30% came from. 
This will be an ongoing donation~ as long as we sell, we will donate! 

On top of that, we will also announce on our blog weekly how much was donated to this
wonderful organization!
If you decide to donate personally, please let us know and we will add your
donation to this blog too! Email us at lily & bo

What does the money we donate cover?

The donations go a long way toward supporting the rescued dogs. 100% of the money donated
goes directly back to their dogs. Sometimes they take in dogs that need extensive medical care,

Here is a break down on how costs add up: 

Thyroid testing- $71.00
Thyroid meds- 0.30 cents a day
Spray or Neuter- $90.00 - $210.00
Proin meds for incontinence- $50.00 for 180 pills
Micro-chipping - $20.00
Heart worm test- $29.50 
Heart worm preventative- $6.00 a month
Heart worm treatment- $1,000 + roid
Vaccines- $60.00
Physical exam- $30.00 +
Dental care- $200.00 +
Food- $40.00 a month
Boarding- $35.00 a day
Doggy daycare- $20.00 a day
Labs- $50.00 +
X-rays- $75.00 +
Fracture repair- $5,000 +/-
Medication- varies
lily & bo's donations from your order(s) will help with the above and will go towards helping
each and every dog. You can always donate separately by going to their home page
and clicking the "donate" button on the right hand side.

Want to learn even more or become a possible foster or volunteer?
Ready to shop and help us support this great organization?
Doberman's that are looking for a forever home~
contact Doberman Rescue MN for more information

Click here to see their bios

Featured Dobermans

Mordecai is a special needs pup- he has megasephogus and eats in a Bailey chair; 
which  everyone overlooks him because of this.
 He is one fantastic dog and would love a forever home!

Please consider donating to help me and other puppies like me who need
extra medical care- you can even donate through Paypal on the DRM website.
Any donations are tax deductible!

11/20/13- Mordy Update!

Mordy's ME is well controlled and his leg is growing
wonderfully, with very little issues other than an
occasional limp.

Read more about him & other great dobermans here

The Doberman Rescue MN also has 2 hospice dogs,
Beau and Willow, who will live their days out with the
DRM rescue.

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