Sunday, May 18, 2014

Featured Shop of the Week- Hooked on Crochet by Kim

This week I'd like to introduce our featured shop Hooked on Crochet by Kim.

I grew up in a small town and learned to crochet when I was 10. I crocheted for a little while and then life took over. I stopped crocheting until just recently at age 24, now I am addicted and cannot seem to stop!! I started back up crocheting gifts and stuff for my friends and family, then started getting a bunch of requests and special orders. I took off from there and now I am crocheting all the time and couldn't be more happy when I see people wearing or using my creations :)

The most challenging thing for me is working my day job, Also, being a crocheter there are a ton of amazing people who can do what I do, so getting my name out there in a HUGE town is very difficult, specially when I work a day job at an electrical company where the majority are males, they don't buy my items haha

The biggest influence was my 5 year old daughter, my fiancé and my family. They have all been so supportive and really love my products. My fiancé actually got upset when I didn't have enough time to make him a scarf :)

For me, I love seeing anything I make put to use and knowing that I made it and the customer loves it, that is what keeps me finding new things to create and keep crocheting.

The thing I love most about what I do is the relaxation I get from crocheting. It is very mentally stimulating and requires focus, but it also lets you escape from all the negative things around and focus on one positive, and that is why I love doing what I do, besides seeing the finished product with some one else who enjoys it!

My favorite beverage is Coffee. I love coffee any time of the day. My favorite color is pink and I love zebra print. I am trying not to let that combination take over my online store. My favorite way to network used to be Facebook, but I am looking for new ways to expose my products.

You can find Hooked on Crochet by Kim on Facebook, Storenvy, and Twitter. Through May, fans can save 15% off the total purchase with coupon code SAVEME15 in Hooked On Crochet by Kim's shop.

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  1. crocheting is very relaxing, and much easier to tote around the knitting. this was a great feature, thanks for sharing.


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