Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Photography Quick Tip - Changing Backdrops

Looking for an easy way to change out your photo backdrop without spending a lot? If you have small objects, like hair clips for example, quickly change out your backdrop using scrapbook paper!

With a setup like I explain in this post, you can easily place a sheet of colored scrapbook paper behind your spacer. Solid colored matte finished paper works best.

Its amazing how much of a difference a simple change of color can make! If you have a medium-size product, try using solid colored poster board for this same trick!


  1. Great idea! I struggle with the photography and never seem to get a satisfying shot of any of my work. I am going to have to use this trick!

    1. I have a series of photography tips on my blog, and on Daft Crafts as well. You can check them out here: http://www.daftcrafts.net/search/label/photography
      I hope it helps!


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