Saturday, June 14, 2014

Show your Mon-stor Love!

I am over-the-moon excited--  my favorite mon-stor maker has launched a limited edition line of tee shirts! The Lu & Ed shirts feature Tibly, the red mon-stor mascot, as drawn by Scrawny Girl! Pick up tee shirts in both kid and adult sizes!

These are limited edition, single print t-shirts, meaning after June 26th they will never be available again so snag yours now!

Adult Tee

To select your size, just choose adult or child size from the drop down menu, then click "reserve" - which opens a pop up window to select size from. Next, choose how you want to pay, enter your info, and boom, your done!
This is a one time print run - meaning this t-shirt design will never be printed again! You won't be charged until the campaign ends on June 26th, and only if the minimum number of shirts are ordered. Let's see if we can surpass the 30 minimum order goal! Tweet, Facebook, blog it-- spreading the word is appreciated!

Kids Tee
If this batch is a huge success, Lu & Ed will be launching a new design with Gabos through a Missouri printer, Tiny Little Monster (how appropriate is that?!). 

And if these shirts continue to be a hit, Lu & Ed may release a new design every quarter! Voice your opinion on their blog about which mon-stors you'd like to see on a tee!

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