Sunday, September 28, 2014

Featured Shop of the Week- Caitlin's Amazing Pottery

I'm happy to introduce the featured shop for this week, Caitlin's Amazing Pottery.

Hi my name is Caitlin, and I make pottery.
For almost a decade, I worked at Essence of Art, a local gallery for artists with intellectual disabilities right in the heart of the White Mountains, in New Hampshire. Eventually, my family helped me build my own studio at our home, bought a kiln, and I started my own business!

The biggest challenge of having my own business is it gets a little overwhelming keeping up with with the Etsy shop, learning new things about running a business, and trying to balance it all with creating. Sometimes, I just want to take a nap!

People have described by work as "cute" "innocent" and "whimsical". Most of my work is home and garden decor, ranging from pocket totems to lawn ornaments, to dinnerware, to air planters, and I recently started dabbling in making clay brooches, incense burners, and jewelry holders.

I love pottery because it comes from the earth. You create something beautiful with your hands, from dirt. Kind of like gardening in a way. It has always been a fun and creative way for me to express myself. I love when people show their love for my products by buying them, cherishing my work for years to come. It's really inspiring and makes me happy.

I LOVE dolphins! Not to mention, The Dolphins is the name of my Special Olympics swim team. Oh yeah, I also love to swim! I really like musicals, Mama Mia and Hairspray are my favorites. My favorite musicians are Gotye, P!nk, and The Lumaneers. I love unwinding after a busy day with my two kitties.

You can find Caitlin's Amazing Pottery on Facebook, Etsy, Twitter, and Instagram

What piece from Caitlin's Amazing Pottery is your favorite?


  1. Snails are my second favorite - after turtles!

  2. Super cute! I love pottery! Her Christmas ornaments are super cute. I like the little house pictures in this post! Xo


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