Tuesday, September 2, 2014

September CreativeDaily Photography Challenge

Want a way to create fun content for your social media and engage your followers? Take part in Lu & Ed's #CreativeDaily photography challenge. This is the 9th month of the challenge, and it just keeps growing! Follow the daily prompts to inspire fun photos.

How it works:

Each day, you upload a photo to Instagram or other social media outlets that relates to the dated prompt (for example, the 1st is "labor" so you would post your interpretation of that prompt on the first) and share a blurb about what the photo represents. Be sure to add the #creativedaily hashtag to group to photos with the other images from this collective.

Click the #creativedaily hashtag to find out what others are posting and make new friends by liking & commenting on their photos! 

This collective is such a fun way to make new creative friends, discover new brands and share your own story. 

Follow Violet's Buds on Instagram to see our daily photos, and be sure to follow Lu & Ed too!

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