Sunday, November 9, 2014

Featured Shop of the Week- Vintage Wedding Gems

I'm happy to share this week's featured shop, and fellow Handmade in KC member, Vintage Wedding Gems, and owner Brie.
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Vintage Wedding Gems was born when I found a set of vintage clip-on earrings that I knew would be perfect for a friend's wedding. The earrings were vintage skeleton keys, with a heart as one of the key's bows. I just knew they would be perfect as a something old, and as a gift for my friend's day.

I had self taught to sew over the last few years, and with a little research, trial and error, and resizing, I made a glamorous wedding garter keepsake and toss garter set that she loved. Sometime over the following weeks I decided I should make and sell wedding accessories.

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I love the character of vintage materials, and hope my clients feel a connection with the past and the romance of the mystery of who owned the materials. 

I strive to use vintage materials as much as possible, such as garments for lace, silk, and netting, vintage jewelry as centerpieces, vintage hats as bases and fabric scraps from wedding dress makers.

I often use new materials for custom orders, if that is what the client prefers. But we keep our costs down by using vintage and reclaimed items, and we love being ecofriendly.

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It’s sometimes hard to balance the business with family and a full time job, especially when deadlines are shortened. But I’m always encouraged when the bride falls in love with the piece.
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I am motivated by the members of Handmade in KC. It is their dedication and the way they encourage each other that keeps me creating. I'll have a month where I only sell 1 item, and the next I have 6. So I just try to look back at what I've sold, what people are saying about my products, and get encouragement from those in Handmade in KC to keep strong and not give up.

I’ve recently expanded into additional lines for everyday wear, home, and baby. These lines, and additional Wedding Gems, can be found at

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Brie's favorite things include-
Blog: Style Me Pretty
Way to Network: Handmade in KC and Thursday Therapy for KC wedding vendors
Color: Not to be boring, but I love creams and ivories, for the versatility with other colors
Food: Frozen yogurt
Store: Franchesca's
Actor/Actress: Audrey Hepburn,
way to relax: glass of wine and crime tv shows
Beverage: wine and water, not mixed
Season: Autumn
Animal: cat, specifically my fat cat Zippy

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You can find Vintage Wedding Gems on Facebook, Storenvy, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter. Plus, look for her new shop Life's Gems on Facebook, blog, and Storenvy
Now through 11/16 you can save 25% off any purchase in both Vintage Wedding Gems and Life's Gems with code violetsbuds.

What pieces do you like best from Vintage Wedding Gems and Life's Gems?

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