Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Featured Maker- Just for Littles

In 2015 we are introducing many of our favorite makers, indie artists, and small businesses. The first maker on our list is Just for Littles.

You may remember Marella from her first feature here, and I'm happy to bring you an update on her shop!

What do you create, and how did you get started?
I create fun childhood keepsakes in the form of banks and figurine friends!

I started painting in college as a way to destress from my studies. I started selling my creations when I saw how much they make kids smile. One day I was talking to my teenage niece and she mentioned that everything she had from her childhood was gone. Because it was all plastic, and not meant to last a long time, it eventually just fell apart and got trashed. That's when I knew I wanted to make something kids can love their entire childhood and keep with them-perhaps even passing on to their kids someday.

What three words describe your shop?
whimsical, fun and cute

How do you celebrate reaching your goals?
When I reach a goal I celebrate by taking some time just for me away from work. Sometimes it's watching a movie or lunch and shopping date with a friend. However, I'm usually so excited that I want to jump back into it and get more done!

Which other makers inspire you?
I'm inspired by the things I see in life everyday-especially nature and jewelry! I love the way colors and textures play off each other in these formats.

I am incredibly influenced by the great children's entertainers who came before me, namely Walt Disney and Jim Henson. Their work is beautiful and intricate, yet appeals to children of all ages. Plus, it's incredibly welcoming to children, and that's something I'd love Just for Littles to be.

What is one thing you couldn't live without?
I could never live without music! I listen every day I'm in my studio working, but I'm also a part time classical musician. I need to play my instrument and connect with other people over great music.

Share your current business goals
My current goals are to continue to grow Just for Littles. I've recently branched out from just banks into figurines as well. They're small and durable enough that kids can handle them without mom worrying they'll break easily. My next step is going to be into more wall art, including canvases and wooden art. But you're going to have to wait to see those!

Do you have an assistant?
My chihuahua Gracie is my best assistant. She's usually always in the studio with me while I'm creating, and always offers great advice-even if her contribution is just napping!

Just for Littles is offering all fans 20% off an entire order with code VIOLET20

Just for Littles is on 

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