Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Wake Up Happy

Its easy to wake up in a good mood when your room makes you happy!

collage by X37 Adventures
Room by room, I've been working with my husband on transformations to make our house functional and happy. Out with the old items that sat unused for years- time to donate or dispose!

Last summer my husband created a lovely set of shelves in our bedroom- and ever the resourceful guy he repurposed an old set of wooden bedrails to make them.

hoop art by Violet's Buds
chalkboard sign by Bugaboo Bear Designs

Over the last several months we've debated what should go on the shelves. Books? Handmade indie art? Photos? Candles? Finally we decided to bring into our space just the things that make us each happy-  a combo of it all!

Wand by GipsonWands
HP hoop by Allie & Milo
peg people by Landon's Toy Box
Owl art and owl amigurumi by Crafteroni & Cheese
Scooter hoop art by Homespun Happiness

Rainbow Rain hoop by Violet's Buds
Sunshine chalkboard art by Bugaboo Bear Designs
Scooter hoop art by Homespun Happiness
Photographer art print by ScrawnyGirl
Shake It hoop art by Kiser Krafts
Traveler Green by Little Green Guy
Sushi Hoop by Cardinal & Fitz
Elements collage by X37 Adventures

Can you tell which side of the shelves each of us decorated?

What special piece do you have in your home that makes you happy?


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