Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Editing Spots from Photos

It happens to everyone. You take a series of photos, and download the images. You find the best photo of the bunch, and there it is. Ugh, a hair! (or fuzz, or dirt) Now what?!

Luckily, there is a way to fix most minor blemishes in photo editing programs. Using the cloning tool (aka rubber stamp tool) you can essentially erase the fuzz. This technique, that I will be demonstrating in Photoshop, basically copies an area of your photograph and pastes it where you choose.

Start by selecting the cloning tool (which resembles a rubber stamp), and make sure you have an appropriate brush size. You can change the brush size and shape on the menu at the top.

Next, you will need to define your "source point," the area that you will be copying. To select the source point, hold the Alt key while clicking on the area of the photograph you will be copying/cloning. A plus sign will appear at the source you selected. The circle is the cloning brush. The area inside this circle is what will be replaced.

Careful eliminate any fuzz, dirt, or hair that appears on your image. Remember, that if you make mistakes you can always go back in the history or Edit>Undo.

The cloning tool can take some practice to perfect, but is an easy way to fix minor issues.

Pixlr and  PicMonkey are free editing programs that also have this feature available!

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