Monday, February 1, 2016

Quick Ways to Improve your Photos

Use these tips to easily make improvements to your product photography!

Turn off your flash!
This is one of the biggest mistakes in product photography. The camera-mounted flash will make your product look washed-out and contrasty.
flash vs natural light

Use natural light + a reflector
Natural light is the best way to take excellent product photos. Make the most of the natural light by using reflectors, or making your own light box.
Light box with natural light
Clean your space
Nothing detracts from your product faster than clutter in the photo. Before taking pictures, clean your space-- move that can of soda, stray sock, or push the dog out of the way. You may not notice at first, but fans will be distracted by random pieces of candy lurking on the side of your table.

Choose the right backdrop
Consider experimenting with different backgrounds until you find what flatters your product. Use only backgrounds that fit with your product's theme or your brand. Start with a plain background then, try different combinations of colors, patterns, and textures, including staged shots.

Watch placement & cropping
Read about the Rule of Thirds and Negative Space to make your photos more dynamic, and grab your customer's attention.

watch negative space and cropping

Practice, Practice, Practice!
The more you photograph and experiment with these tips, the better your photographs can become!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Editing Spots from Photos

It happens to everyone. You take a series of photos, and download the images. You find the best photo of the bunch, and there it is. Ugh, a hair! (or fuzz, or dirt) Now what?!

Luckily, there is a way to fix most minor blemishes in photo editing programs. Using the cloning tool (aka rubber stamp tool) you can essentially erase the fuzz. This technique, that I will be demonstrating in Photoshop, basically copies an area of your photograph and pastes it where you choose.

Start by selecting the cloning tool (which resembles a rubber stamp), and make sure you have an appropriate brush size. You can change the brush size and shape on the menu at the top.

Next, you will need to define your "source point," the area that you will be copying. To select the source point, hold the Alt key while clicking on the area of the photograph you will be copying/cloning. A plus sign will appear at the source you selected. The circle is the cloning brush. The area inside this circle is what will be replaced.

Careful eliminate any fuzz, dirt, or hair that appears on your image. Remember, that if you make mistakes you can always go back in the history or Edit>Undo.

The cloning tool can take some practice to perfect, but is an easy way to fix minor issues.

Pixlr and  PicMonkey are free editing programs that also have this feature available!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Making Beautiful Music

Many of the talented makers in the Handmade in Kansas City group create lovely pieces that are musically themed. I've selected a few of my favorites below. Which do you like best?

Beaded bracelet from by Wicked Red

"Music is what feelings sound like" guitar pick inspirational necklace from Hang ups In KC
I highly recommended checking out their Band of Angels Retired Instrument jewelry collection

Music large phone pouch by Ni-Chern Designs

Guitar String bracelet by FabTabulous

Musical flower clip by Violet's Buds

You are My Sunshine chalkboard art by Life's Gems

Find more handmade goodness at Handmade in KC.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Featured Maker- By Wicked Red

We hope you are enjoying our series as we continue to introduce our favorite makers, indie artists, and small businesses to our social media friends and followers.
This week's featured maker is a fellow Handmade in KC member, by Wicked Red.

What do you create, and how did you get started?  
I create beaded jewelry and I upcycle paper to create beads for other designers. I have been making jewelry for 10+years for family, friends, and co-workers. About a year and a half ago I decided to start a small business making jewelry and that evolved into upcycling paper into beads.

What is your business mission and goal?
I design with a classic, timeless look using beautiful crystals and vintage glass beads. Creating paper beads for designers that love the lightweight and uniqueness of paper beads it is upcycling at it's finest :)

What three words describe your shop?
Classic, Timeless, Special

 How do you celebrate reaching your goals?
I celebrate fan based goals with my customers. Giving them a give away to win a free gift. I celebrate personal business goals by sitting back with a good TV show, cup of coffee, and a new to-do list.

Which other makers inspire you?
All makers inspire me differently. I am in facebook groups that post their jewelry pieces that inspire me to be creative. Makers that make other things that are not jewelry inspire me to remain productive. Most of the time, designers that buy my paper beads inspire me because I know that they are going to use them to be creative. That might be the ultimate inspiration, knowing that I am creating something that others can use in their creative processes.

What is one thing you couldn't live without?
Ya know...2 broke girls. Two girls that are busting their humps to make their small business work. They make me laugh. I can watch them all day and roll beads....I have done that many many times.

You can find by Wicked Red at

Right now fans can save 10% off when you mention this blog post from Violet's Buds when you place your order at

Would you like to have your shop or small business featured on our blog?
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