Sunday, December 30, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week: The Wrappery

After a brief hiatus during the holidays, we are back to featuring a different shop each week. This week is The Wrappery: Designer Yarn Wreaths, who will be giving away one custom wreath to a lucky fan!

Keep reading for an exclusive coupon code & enter to win a 9-inch custom-designed yarn wreath.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

A few more holiday crafts

Last week I posted about the snowmen ornaments I made for my aunt.  I decided that these two were lonely, and made two snow kids to go with them. I added skinny ribbon loops stitched to the back of each snowman. Since I wanted to give my aunt the option of leaving them out during the winter & not just for the holidays, I attached a button to the bottom of each snowman. Now they will stand upright on a shelf. I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out.

Last year my daughter & I made handprint ornaments as gifts to her grandparents, great-grandparents, aunts & uncles. I was running behind on time, and out of ideas. Thankfully Shoregirl's Creations shared a link to the most adorable button tree ornaments. Lucky for me, I have tons of buttons collected from my grandma, and from garage sales.

I sorted through my button collection (which is separated by color, thanks to my husband!) and made little piles for different tree sizes. The longest part of the process was sorting, maybe because I had a toddler "helping" me. I used elastic thread to string up the buttons on the first few, but realized the weight of the tree might snap them. I found some cheap ornament hooks that worked just as well, and gave the tree a little stability. I didn't have the star ornament for the tree topper, but used a little crystal bead. After making several green hued trees, I decided to try a few with my abundant white & cream color button stash. I think I like them better! What do you think?

Next I think I will try the button garland, also from the blog UK lass in US. I'd love to hear your favorite handmade holiday gifts.
Take a look at all the fun projects happening at I Gotta Create! linky party

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Social

Sunday Social

Linking up with the fabulous Neely and Ashley for Sunday Social.

Today's questions are:
What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
Anything with chocolate is fine with me!

What is your favorite smell? 
I love the smell of apples, especially Yankee Candle's Macintosh

What is your favorite commercial?
I like Maria Bamford as the crazy Target lady.
What is your favorite day of the week?
Fridays are nice. Hubs gets off work early, and if I have done all our errands early, we can spend a lazy evening together.
What is your favorite way to waste time?
I like to watch Law and Order - Special Victims Unit or Snapped marathons while being on Facebook, or snooping around Etsy. 
What is your favorite article of clothing? 
I have an addiction to goofy, colorful socks. Since its winter, I prefer knee high socks. They are so much fun!   

If you would like to link-up, answer the questions, grab the button & link up at: Ashley's Carnival Ride Sunday Social.

Then visit Created By Laurie for the Meet & Greet blog hop!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Last-Minute Crafty Gifts

As I discussed in last week's post, Handmade Holiday, I wanted to give all (or nearly all) handmade gifts this year. I traded with fellow crafters for many presents, but I have a few more people on my list to make gifts for.
My aunt loves snowmen. Last year I created this snowman couple as a mantle display. I used cheap yarn for the inside of the bodies, wrapped the outside with soft fluffy yarn, and finished them with buttons, ribbon, & a felt hat. This year, I decided to take a look in my crafting stash to see what other snowman item I could make. I found the rest of the white fluffy yarn from the snowman (or snow people?) couple. I always have felt, buttons, beads, & sewing supplies on hand. While looking through the supplies, I came across a needle felting set that a friend gave me.
I decided to make ornaments rather than full size figures from last year. I started by rolling 3 yarn balls in increasing size for each figure, with the largest the same size as a cotton ball. I used an alligator clip to hold each ball together until I was ready to needle felt.  This was my first real attempt at felting, and it went pretty well. When the 3 snowball pieces were sufficiently felted so they wouldn't fall apart, I sewed them all together in the center with some white thread. Once they were stable stacked, I put a little fabric glue between each of the 3 snowball pieces. For the boy, I cut a strip of red felt & fringed the ends to look like a scarf. I used the needle to felt the scarf onto the snowman's body. For the girl I cut out pieces to look like earmuffs, and attached them in the same fashion. I picked out some tiny beads for eyes, and felted 2 orange carrot shaped noses. I strip of black (for him) and in red (for her) became the mouth. I finished the girl with tiny ribbon in red, green, & white as a scarf. For winging it, I think they look pretty good! I'm debating on making 2 snow children to go with them.

I am still looking for ideas for making an ornament for my daughter to give her grandparents. Last year we made salt-dough handprint ornaments, which was a lot of fun. I considered doing it again, but I think I'd like to do something new.  Time is running out, so I need to come up with something soon. If you have any ornament ideas for a 2.5yr old, I'd love to hear them!

Here is the finished snowmen ornament family!

Linking up at:

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Handmade Holiday

Like many holiday seasons in recent years, we don't have a lot to spare. Gift giving had become a luxury, so I've focused my efforts on making gifts. It was great for anyone who like hair accessories, but impractical for most recipients.
I was happy to find a large trading community within Etsy this year. As a member of both Yay for Trades & Trade-a-holics, I was able to trade hair accessories with several shops to get gifts for my friends & family. Gifts that I wouldn't otherwise be able to purchase. The connections I've made with several shops has been great. Not only have I been able to get holiday gifts, but I have made a few friends & business contacts. As a thank-you to those shops, I'd like to present this handmade holiday list.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

New Fabric Jewelry & Giveaway

In my quest to craft & create new items, I am continually inspired by my daughter. I was gathering up scraps one night post-crafting, and I had a few inches here and there leftover from headband elastic. Never one to throw out something I might be able to use (I can thank my grandma for that trait), I collected them for later. As I was considering how to use the little pieces, I came up with an idea- I could take the leftover elastic and make jewelry. V has reached the pretend-play stage, and is starting to incorporate costumes and props. She is still young enough that I don't feel comfortable leaving her unattended with small-piece items like plastic toy-store necklaces, bracelets, & rings.
Showing off a fabric bracelet and mini crown

I've been Nominated!

Thank you to Parlo and Logi for nominating me for the Liebster Award!
leibster 150

"Liebster" is a German word meaning sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, or welcome.
The Liebster Award is granted to new, up and coming bloggers with great potential and fewer than 200 followers.
According to the rules of the Liebster Award, I am to answer 11 questions posed at the nominating website, list 11 random facts about myself, choose 11 people to whom I will pass on this honor, and then make up 11 more questions which the new recipients must then in turn answer.
(this reminds me of the MySpace note games from years ago)

11 questions:
1. Where is your favorite place to eat?
 I love sushi, and a few of my favorite local sushi places are Hikari, Kokoro Maki House, and Edokko
2. Why did you start blogging?
 I started blogging as a way to share my favorite shops, tutorials, and to host giveaways.
3. Who is your biggest inspiration?
My daughter is my biggest inspiration. She is the reason I started Violet's Buds, and she keeps me going.
4. What’s your favorite song?
That's tough, I have so many songs that I love, depending on my mood. The 3 that I never get sick of hearing are Magic by Ben Folds Five, Change by Blind Melon, and Man It's So Loud In Here by They Might Be Giants.
5. What was your first ever screenname?
6. What’s your favorite alcoholic beverage?
 Pineapple juice & Malibu
7. If you were stranded on a desert island would you rather have electricity and your gadgets, or the actor/singer of your dreams? The actor of my dreams
8. What do you do for a living?
I'm a homemaker and I make hair accessories.
9. If you could change your name, what would you choose?
I've always liked the name Autumn. I'm a hippie at heart.
10. Dinner or dessert?
11. What high end/luxury item would you buy if money wasn’t an issue?
I would love to have a brand new car that is either a hybrid or electric.

11 Random things about me:
1. I have volunteered with Pit Bull rescue as a foster home.
2. I played clarinet in the school band from 5th grade through freshman year of high school.
3. I have an addiction to novelty socks, and I do not own a pair of plain white socks.
4. I have a  Bachelor of Science degree in Photography from CMSU (now UCM)
5. My husband & I own and ride 49cc scooters.
6. I have seen Ben Folds in concert 10 times.
7. My favorite movies are Fight Club, Snatch, Labyrinth, The Breakfast Club, and CHASING AMY.
8. I am a couponer.
9. I do not like Disney movies.
10. I am the oldest out of 9 grandchildren on the maternal side of my family.
11. I drive a 5-speed manual transmission Saturn.

11 questions for the nominees:
1. What is your favorite scent?
2. Do you prefer home cooked or take-out meals?
3. What is your favorite blog?
4. What are your hobbies?
5. Chocolate or Vanilla?
6. How many pets do you own?
7. What is your favorite way to relax?
8. What is your favorite holiday?
9. What was your (or your child's) Halloween costume this year?
10. What one indulgent item would you buy if you had unlimited funds?
11. What is your favorite flower?

Blogs I nominated:
Clippie Dips
CPC Creations, Props & Designs
Forever Lovely
The Linden Life
Sarcastic and Straightforward

Here are the rules should you choose to accept the award:
1. Thank your nominator and link back to the nominator’s blog in your post.
2. Answer the 11 questions posted by the nominator.
3. List 11 random facts about yourself.
4. Create 11 questions for your nominees.
5. Nominate 11 other fabulous up and coming blogs with less than 200 followers for the Liebster Blog Award.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Link-ups, Blog Hops & Networking [oh my!]

Lately, I've been searching for good blog hops, link-ups, and other methods of bringing more traffic to Violet's Buds blog. The more traffic we have, the better exposure our Featured Shop of the Week will receive. If you know of a blog hop, link-up, or other virtual socializing event, please post about it below, and we will add it to the list.
So far, I've taken part of Parlo & Logi's Linked In Tuesdays & F-it Fridays:

Parlo and Logi

Created by Laurie's Sunday/Monday Meet & Greet and Blog Hop

Caseta de Paper's I Love my Online Friends GFC Blog hop

The Things We Find Inside

Alderberry Hill's Make the Scene Monday

I Gotta Create! The Wildly Original Crowd's Party On Wednesday

The Sunday Social at Ashley's Carnival Ride
Sunday Social

Are you hosting a hop, Linky party, or participating in one you'd like to share? Please share it below. I'm happy to add it to the networking list.

Game & Giveaway winners

Thank you to all who participated in our Etsy treasury-building game, and to all the fans who voted! The fan who won the Violet's Buds mystery grab bag is...

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week: Lu & Ed

Remember the feature we did on Daft Crafts 2 weeks ago? The creator behind Daft Crafts, Cody, is also the owner of Lu & Ed, our featured shop this week.

 Lu & Ed has been "making monsters fun-ctional since 2009. We offer creative and innovative storage for children in the form of Mon-stors© - they hang from a door knob or hook and need to be fed daily, be it toys, laundry, or, well, anything! If they skip a meal, they tend to get a little testy, so encourage your kids to clean their rooms daily! We also make a variety of fun Monster Stuffies, and smaller Mon-stors © for use in the car or on the go."

Cody adds, "They are a lot of fun and each one has it's own story and personality. The large ones are big enough to hold an entire load of laundry or about seven Build-a-Bear sized stuffed animals, the small ones are good for in the car to hold diapers, wipes, toys, books, DVDs, etc. I also make stuffed monsters and monster totes for kids!"

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week: Spiral Sage

This week's featured shop is Spiral Sage, a shop with an endless supply of partyware, packing supplies, and all things cute & unique.

Spiral Sage is the creation of Crystal McElveen, a self-proclaimed office supply junkie (its nice to know I'm not the only one) and avid crafter. Her Etsy page started years ago and "has gone thru multiple changes. Currently I am offering handmade paper items including my most popular items my junk journals...I enjoy searching and finding unique papers and putting them together for others to use. My mother sewed and worked with wood, my grandmother was a knitter...I guess crafting is just part of who I am..I may go from one medium to another...but I continue to create."

Like many other crafters, Crystal says the most challenging thing about having her own business is, "remembering to step back from the business to take time for myself or clean the house."

When asked about her favorite things, Crystal said, "I love fall and spring, when you can see the visible changes in nature, the weather can feel a resting in fall and a renewal in spring...not too hot nor too cold...time to be outdoors and explore, enjoy."

 (giveaway after the jump...)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Small Business Holiday Shopping Guide

Hello Friends & Fans!
Are you busy finding holiday sales, coupons, and promotions? Many small businesses, crafters, & artists are offering great deals this week/weekend. We have gathered a list of fellow shops that have sales for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, & more. This season we ask that everyone shop with small businesses. We might not have the cut-rate deals, but shopping handmade will ensure you get a gift made with love. By purchasing with small vendors, you enable us to provide our families with a nice holiday as well.
Thank you so much for checking out the deals, and be sure to share them with your friends & family. If you have a small business, an Etsy shop, Storenvy, etc & want to have your sale info posted here, message me at, or on Facebook.

Week/weekend long promos:
  • Violet's Buds Etsy shop- use code SHOPSMALLBIZ10 from 11/21-12/15 for 10% off your order (cannot be combined with any other deals)
    Mystery Grab Bags $40 worth of hair accessories for $15, ready to ship, no code required
    Headband Sale buy 5 get 1 free, no code required
    Violet's Buds Facebook only deal: Purchase one custom hair bow holder for $20, and you will receive one matching accessory and shipping FREE! To order, send a message via Facebook, or email me at  **limited quantity available**
  • Heart for Your Home Etsy shop- Starting 8pm 11/22 thru 8pm on 11/26 get 30% off ANY item in stock with code: HOLIDAYCHEER12
    Heart for Your Home Facebook specials: (full details here) Buy One, Get One 50% off. To take advantage of this deal, you must message or email with your order, and mention code: HOLIDAY50
  • PandorasBoxJewels Etsy shop: Starting 8pm 11/22 thru 8pm on 11/26 get 30% off ANY item in stock with code: HAPPYHOLIDAYS12
  • Persnickety Etsy shop: use code HOLIDAY15 for 15% off from 11/23-11/26
     Persnickety Facebook special: Anyone who makes an order & pays the invoice during the holiday weekend on Facebook, will be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to Persnickety's etsy store
  • Origami Delights Etsy shop: Get 25% off all items in Origami Delights' shop using coupon code "TurkeyLurkey" which will be effective starting Midnight Thursday (23rd) through Midnight Monday (26th).
    Origami Delights blog will be hosting 30 Days of Thanks giveaway on the blog:
  • Flounce Etsy shop- use coupon code: GIVETHANKS for 40% off all necklaces. Sale starts Thurs 11/22 at midnight CST and ends Sunday 11/25 at midnight CST

A Game & A Giveaway

**Rafflecopter is working again. The giveaway is extended to Monday, Dec 3rd. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, Dec 4th. Thank you for your patience**
Recently on Violet's Buds Facebook page, I sought out other small businesses for a game. Each business had both a Facebook business/fan page and an Etsy Store. Once we had all 16 shops signed up, each shop owner had to create an Etsy Treasury using one item from each of the other 15 shops. Everyone was free to set their own theme, and we have seen some great treasuries so far.

Now, we need your help! We need our fans to judge which is the best treasury out of the 16 created. The winning shop will receive a shout out from each of the other participants. Then, just to make it fun, one lucky fan will receive a Violet's Buds Mystery Grab Bag (free shipping to US). Want to enter? You will need to "like" all 16 participating pages on Facebook, then you will need to choose 1 treasury as your favorite. You can vote once a day for your favorite treasury, but you are not required to vote for the same treasury each day. We will include several other options to increase your chances of winning.
Read more to enter the giveaway-

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week: Daft Crafts

This week's feature is a little different than the previous features. While not (currently) a shop, we think Daft Crafts is a great community for artists.

"Daft Crafts was once a brick and mortar gift shop in Independence, MO, but health and personal issues caused the close of ours in June, 2012. In an effort to continue to provide the handmade community with an outlet for affordable promotions, and a way to keep connecting consumers with great artists, we relaunched our website Oct. of 2012 as a virtual artist promotion platform and a way to provide tried and true handmade business advice to artists. All of our contributors have been in the handmade business for years and bring a lot to the table and we are excited to combine and share our knowledge with the public and offer affordable advertising for artists!"

When asked about the challenges of having a business, Daft Crafts owner Cody says, "For us, we take tackle the challenges head on - marketing, branding, photography, all of those topics are discussed and covered frequently on our blog to help handmade business become the very best that they can be! "

Daft Crafts wants readers to know, "We are all about the daft handmade movement, and are soon working on an exciting new type of content to help sellers get into brick and mortar stores, and help readers discover brick and mortar handmade shops!" Some of her favorites include quirky, fun, colorful, and affordable crafts; they say twitter is their favorite platform for meeting other artists; and is chosen as a favorite e-commerce platform because, "It's 100% free to use, totally customizable, and you can have unlimited listings!"

To read more about the Daft Crafts movement, and the story of how it started, I encourage everyone to read this post from their website. Then while you are there, take a look at their sponsorship options. They are by far the best in terms of cost & exposure. You will (hopefully) see Violet's Buds there very soon.

You can find Daft Crafts across the web at the follow sites:

Want to have your business featured on Violet's Buds blog? Click here to fill out the application for Featured Shop of the Week. This is a free program aimed to give fellow businesses added exposure, and to introduce our fans to your products!

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Featured Ship of the Week: Lilla Stjarna

It is time for our next featured shop, Lilla Stjarna, a place for "one of a kind jewelry for the everyday, made with love!"

LillaStjarna are pieces of the celestial skies created by Laila Alawa, who says, "I am a recent college, and I started first making jewelry when I was about thirteen or fourteen. Before that I liked to collect things, but when I realized just what I could make using some beads, wire and my trusty pair of bright pink pliers, I went crazy."

Laila was introduced to Etsy by her mother. She describes, "I learned about it as I learn about a lot of things in life: from my mom. She had found a beautiful handmade necklace that she was obsessing over, and I learned about the site through her obsession to share it with everyone. And now, of course, I share that obsession."

Thursday, November 8, 2012

7k Celebration Giveaway Winners

Thank you to all our sponsors & fans for participating in the giveaway! The winners have been chosen and are listed above the photo of the item won.

Violet's Buds custom item of your choice 
***new winner: Jody Y.

 Heart for Your Home Football Beanie size 0-3mo
winner: Shana L. 

Lil'K Designs set of 4 Cat Stitch Markers
 winner: Christi E.

 Memory Me Studio "Winter Stephanie" headband
winner: Jessica N.

Kaptured by Kara set of 3 headbands
winner: Kimberly S. 

Angel's Touch Boutique and Photography 11x14 handpainted canvas for Autism Awareness. Shipping to US included
***new winner:  Melissa O.

Winners have 48 hours to contact Violet's Buds or the prize sponsor to claim the prize. If a prize is not claimed within 48 hours, a new one will be selected. Make sure not to "unlike" any of the vendors pages. It is not polite, and you may miss out if you are selected as a new winner.

Thanks again, and congrats to all the winners. Also, please check out the Featured Shop of the Week program. This week is Jacaranda Designs Jewelry is giving away a necklace to one lucky fan! If you would like your business featured, just fill out the application for Featured Shop of the Week. This is a free program aimed to give fellow businesses added exposure, and to introduce our fans to your products!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week: Jacaranda Designs

It's time for a new Featured Shop of the Week! This week's featured shop & giveaway is from Jacaranda Designs.

Jacaranda Designs owner/creator Jane Garnett, embarked on jewelry making about 6 years ago when she signed up for a jewelry making class at a local college. "I took lessons for about three years, became hooked immediately and it is now my passion. I opened my Etsy shop in October 2005 and Jacaranda Designs is now my full time business. I love working in my studio in my home and spend many hours in there, creating." Besides a passion for creating all things colorful and pretty, she is a volunteer IT tutor for seniors at her local library, teaching the ins and outs of social networking.

I adore these acorn earrings
Jane says,"I often get asked why I named my business Jacaranda Designs. The name Jacaranda Designs was inspired by the gorgeous Jacaranda tree. In the suburb where we lived in Johannesburg, South Africa, our street was lined with Jacaranda trees. The tree has a beautiful purple five lobed flower and when in bloom was simply spectacular. This year I opened a second shop, Jacaranda Hair, where I sell only hair accessories."

Thursday, November 1, 2012

7k Fan Celebration

We are so excited to have reached over 7,000 on Violet's Buds Facebook page! A huge thank you goes out to our fans, friends, family, & fellow shops for supporting us. Without the assistance of this network, we would not be able to share our creations with you.

The winners have been announced! Check this list to see if you won.

As our thank you to everyone, we're hosting a multi-vendor auction on Violet's Buds Facebook page. The auction will start Friday, Nov 2 and end Monday, Nov 5th at 8pm CST. Several shops are offering their items at great values, and just in time for holiday shopping. Go here to participate in the auction.

Additionally, we are hosting a giveaway! The giveaway will also start Friday, Nov 2nd, and end on Thursday, Nov 8th at 8pm CST. There will be one winner chosen for each item. To enter, you must first like all of the sponsor Facebook pages. Then, you can complete optional tasks to earn additional entries, including making purchases with any sponsor. See the list of coupon codes below. Here are the items you can win:

Violet's Buds custom item of your choice  

More after the jump...

Giveaway Roundup

We have been very busy lately, and would love for our fans to enter each one of the contests & giveaways that Violet's Buds is taking part in.
  • Origami Delights is hosting a 30 Days of Thanks giveaway on their blog. Day 1, you can enter to win a 6 petal red kanzashi flower by Violet's Buds. A new item & sponsor will be featured each day.
  • Lil'K Designs has started a Random Acts of Kindness program throughout the month of November. Fans are able to nominate anyone they think deserves a smile. Winners will be chosen daily by The winner will receive a smile from that day's designated sponsor. Head by daily to nominate someone, and to check out the great sponsors.
  • Jewelry and Baby Bling by Dara is hosting an 18k Celebration. You have a few more days to enter for over 60 prizes, including a $50 Mystery Grab Bag from Violet's Buds.
  •  Violet's Buds 7k Fan Celebration Auction & Giveaway are now open.
  • Upcoming giveaway at 5M Creations, date TBA. 
  • The Featured Shop of the Week of November 4th is Jacaranda Designs, and she is giving away a cute necklace. Make sure to enter the giveaway!
Keep checking back with us as we add new links for giveaways, auctions, contests, & fundraisers. If you have a giveaway or other celebration on your page and would like to share, please post your links in the comments of this post.  Thank you!

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week: Cute Cartoon Portraits

Our featured shop this week, Cute Cartoon Portraits is fun & unique. 

 Cute Cartoon Portraits owner Joanna makes custom commissioned cartoon portraits of your beloved pets, family, and friends. Each illustration is created especially for you using your very own pictures!

When asked about what challenges she faces in having her own business, Joanna says, "Always having to promote is a bit of  a challenge. It's not like a "normal" job where you just show up to work and are guaranteed to get a pay check!"

In addition to custom cartoon portraits, Joanna carries a series of greeting cards,  invitations, and prints. My favorite item she carries are the Shelter Animal Prints. Joanna says, "I wanted to use my drawings as a way to raise awareness about animals all over the world that need adopting. is a great way to find your animal match!" $5 from every sale of the Shelter Animal Prints goes towards the Montreal SPCA.

I asked Joanna to list a few of her favorite things. "I love I use it for daily inspiration. I also just discovered Pascal Campion who makes such amazing art. I love my job, and getting to draw everyone's family, and especially pets!"

You can find Cute Cartoon Portraits at

Joanna has a special coupon code for our fans. Use coupon code 25OFF at checkout at and get 25% off everything!

Want to have your business featured on Violet's Buds blog? Click here to fill out the application for Featured Shop of the Week. This is a free program aimed to give fellow businesses added exposure, and to introduce our fans to your products! 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week: Texturable

It's Sunday, which means its time to announce our featured shop & giveaway this week- Texturable, the creation of Claudia Rosillo, who is a Textile Designer. Claudia is 26 years old, and lives in Uruguay.

Claudia says, "Since I was a child I´m in contact with the textile world as my mother encouraged me to create patterns, dressmaking and design my own wardrobe, and also to solve what I had planned researching the solutions. That´s how I took form, researcher in soul and textile designer in profession. My grandparents have a small farm far from the city, where I go since my memory started, and it was there where the pastures of “Las Moras” in Cerro de las Cuentas, made me love the earth and focus on wool. Because of a family custom: “nothing is discarded, everything can be re-used”, I became a recycler of materials and objects. In 2009 I graduated from my design school (EUCD) with the collection “Texturable”, which means sustainable textures and I decided to dedicate myself to what I enjoy most, create. What motivates me is everything: the nature, people, music, art, research and my 1 and half year old son."

Texturable” is a brand based on research, innovation and development of textile surfaces with high load design and manual labor, using Uruguayan materials (mainly wool) and recycled fabrics. Based on sustainable processes and contemplating the life cycle of products, I manufacture high quality products without any waste.

"I pay special attention in every detail concerning the process of creating each item. Working the wool from the sheep to the thread, gathering the necessary materials of adequate quality, and adding my dedication and design, I make each felt, each fabric to make up a unique on-trend product among its peers."

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Link Love #1

Hello & welcome to our first of many Link Love posts. We'll host semi-regular link love posts as a way for all of us to meet new people, find great sales, and brag about our awesome shops!

If you have a shop with homemade or resale items, a charity, or a blog you are welcome to post the links to your page(s). Feel free to share info about giveaways, auctions, promotions, Etsy treasuries, coupon codes, or sales that you have or are participating in. If you know of any games, sales, or giveaways that another page is hosting, feel free to post those links here also.

To join, just comment below with any information & links you want to share. After you post, make sure to share Violet's Buds Link Love post with your social networks. The comments will be moderated and any inappropriate content or spam posts will be deleted, and may result in being banned.

Link shares only work if we all agree to visit each page that posts. Take a moment to click a link, like a Facebook page, or leave a comment on a blog. Tell the page owner that you found them via Violet's Buds Link Love, which will potentially increase all of our networks.

During each round, I will update the blog post and link to each page that posts in the comments. This way your links will be seen by anyone who subscribes to our blog.

Post any questions below, or contact me directly at violetsbuds [at] hotmail [dot] com

Link Love round #1

Want to have your business featured on Violet's Buds blog? Click here to fill out the application for Featured Shop of the Week. This is a free program aimed to give fellow businesses added exposure, and to introduce our fans to your products! 

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week: OLD CHATEAU

Let's welcome a new week with our latest Featured Shop, OLD CHATEAU, who specializes in photography props, accessories, & party decor. The items have a distinct vintage shabby-chic feel, and each item is unique. My personal favorite are OLD CHATEAU's crowns, like the ice cream parlor crowns shown below. Read further to find out how you can win the brown & cream "Fudgeswirl" crown!

When asked how she got started, Jennifer, the creator/designer of OLDCHATEAU says, "For as long as I can remember I have found beauty in rusted, frayed, weathered and overgrown treasures. My shop, OLDCHATEAU, pays homage to my love of all things vintage."

"My signature style is soft and romantic, and I love working with natural materials including burlap, vintage lace and cotton fabrics. From baby blankets to photography props, each piece is unique, often one-of-kind. Each piece is made with care and attention to detail in the hope that it will be something that you or a friend will treasure for years to come."

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