Sunday, October 28, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week: Cute Cartoon Portraits

Our featured shop this week, Cute Cartoon Portraits is fun & unique. 

 Cute Cartoon Portraits owner Joanna makes custom commissioned cartoon portraits of your beloved pets, family, and friends. Each illustration is created especially for you using your very own pictures!

When asked about what challenges she faces in having her own business, Joanna says, "Always having to promote is a bit of  a challenge. It's not like a "normal" job where you just show up to work and are guaranteed to get a pay check!"

In addition to custom cartoon portraits, Joanna carries a series of greeting cards,  invitations, and prints. My favorite item she carries are the Shelter Animal Prints. Joanna says, "I wanted to use my drawings as a way to raise awareness about animals all over the world that need adopting. is a great way to find your animal match!" $5 from every sale of the Shelter Animal Prints goes towards the Montreal SPCA.

I asked Joanna to list a few of her favorite things. "I love I use it for daily inspiration. I also just discovered Pascal Campion who makes such amazing art. I love my job, and getting to draw everyone's family, and especially pets!"

You can find Cute Cartoon Portraits at

Joanna has a special coupon code for our fans. Use coupon code 25OFF at checkout at and get 25% off everything!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week: Texturable

It's Sunday, which means its time to announce our featured shop & giveaway this week- Texturable, the creation of Claudia Rosillo, who is a Textile Designer. Claudia is 26 years old, and lives in Uruguay.

Claudia says, "Since I was a child I´m in contact with the textile world as my mother encouraged me to create patterns, dressmaking and design my own wardrobe, and also to solve what I had planned researching the solutions. That´s how I took form, researcher in soul and textile designer in profession. My grandparents have a small farm far from the city, where I go since my memory started, and it was there where the pastures of “Las Moras” in Cerro de las Cuentas, made me love the earth and focus on wool. Because of a family custom: “nothing is discarded, everything can be re-used”, I became a recycler of materials and objects. In 2009 I graduated from my design school (EUCD) with the collection “Texturable”, which means sustainable textures and I decided to dedicate myself to what I enjoy most, create. What motivates me is everything: the nature, people, music, art, research and my 1 and half year old son."

Texturable” is a brand based on research, innovation and development of textile surfaces with high load design and manual labor, using Uruguayan materials (mainly wool) and recycled fabrics. Based on sustainable processes and contemplating the life cycle of products, I manufacture high quality products without any waste.

"I pay special attention in every detail concerning the process of creating each item. Working the wool from the sheep to the thread, gathering the necessary materials of adequate quality, and adding my dedication and design, I make each felt, each fabric to make up a unique on-trend product among its peers."

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Link Love #1

Hello & welcome to our first of many Link Love posts. We'll host semi-regular link love posts as a way for all of us to meet new people, find great sales, and brag about our awesome shops!

If you have a shop with homemade or resale items, a charity, or a blog you are welcome to post the links to your page(s). Feel free to share info about giveaways, auctions, promotions, Etsy treasuries, coupon codes, or sales that you have or are participating in. If you know of any games, sales, or giveaways that another page is hosting, feel free to post those links here also.

To join, just comment below with any information & links you want to share. After you post, make sure to share Violet's Buds Link Love post with your social networks. The comments will be moderated and any inappropriate content or spam posts will be deleted, and may result in being banned.

Link shares only work if we all agree to visit each page that posts. Take a moment to click a link, like a Facebook page, or leave a comment on a blog. Tell the page owner that you found them via Violet's Buds Link Love, which will potentially increase all of our networks.

During each round, I will update the blog post and link to each page that posts in the comments. This way your links will be seen by anyone who subscribes to our blog.

Post any questions below, or contact me directly at violetsbuds [at] hotmail [dot] com

Link Love round #1

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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week: OLD CHATEAU

Let's welcome a new week with our latest Featured Shop, OLD CHATEAU, who specializes in photography props, accessories, & party decor. The items have a distinct vintage shabby-chic feel, and each item is unique. My personal favorite are OLD CHATEAU's crowns, like the ice cream parlor crowns shown below. Read further to find out how you can win the brown & cream "Fudgeswirl" crown!

When asked how she got started, Jennifer, the creator/designer of OLDCHATEAU says, "For as long as I can remember I have found beauty in rusted, frayed, weathered and overgrown treasures. My shop, OLDCHATEAU, pays homage to my love of all things vintage."

"My signature style is soft and romantic, and I love working with natural materials including burlap, vintage lace and cotton fabrics. From baby blankets to photography props, each piece is unique, often one-of-kind. Each piece is made with care and attention to detail in the hope that it will be something that you or a friend will treasure for years to come."

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Featured Shop of the Week: Heart for Your Home

We are happy to introduce this week's featured shop, Heart for Your Home.
Jaime, Heart for Your Home's creator, is a talented crafter. She taught herself to crochet and says, "I learned to crochet just over a year ago, and it just clicked. I had tried other crafty things, but they never worked out. Crocheting was simple for me, and I quickly realized I could turn a string of yarn into beautiful creations. So I started with a blanket for my Goddaughter, and it just took off from there. People started asking where they could buy my items, where they could see pictures of my other creations, etc. So I started my business Facebook page about a year ago, and in just under a month, I already had my first non-friend/family sale! It was an incredible feeling to know that something that came from my imagination, something that my hands turned into reality, was now going to keep a baby warm, or be a gift at a baby shower, or keep their toes warm. It's a very heartwarming feeling. "

I was lucky to meet Jaime via Facebook last fall. It all started with an owl hat that I ordered for my daughter. When it arrived, I knew I had found my new favorite shop! The quality of Jaime's work is outstanding, with soft yarn and cute details. In addition, she sent a handwritten card with instructions for care. That little extra bit of customer service made a lasting impression. I had her make 4 more hats for Christmas gifts last year!

When asked about the challenges she faces running an at-home business, Jaime replied, "I would definitely say getting started is the most challenging thing. I'm a stay-at-home newlywed wife, so I have the time to create, but not always the demand from customers. Getting your name and business out there, letting people know you have quality merchandise for great prices, and getting to where you have a steady flow of orders-that's the challenge."

Jaime meets these challenges, and goes above and beyond to make her customers happy. Spending long days or late nights with a crochet hook. You can find Jaime's work on Facebook, in her Etsy store, and even purchase her patterns from her Ravelry shop.

When asked about her favorite things, she says, "I LOVE animals. If you order from me-I want you to know that I have a pet-friendly home so your items may have one or two strands of fur I missed. They usually aren't around my yarn or completed items, but simply from having them in the house, as other pet owners know-it tends to get everywhere! haha! I have four cats, a dog, a guinea pig, and a lizard. Most of my animals are rescues, and it takes every ounce of self control I have not to get more!

Also, I am ADDICTED to yarn. Even if I don't have an order to make at the moment, I love going to the yarn store. I love the different textures, colors, thicknesses, everything about it! Like men in an auto store, or women at a shoe-sale, I go nuts!!"

Since the majority of the items are custom-made according to the customer's size specifications, rather than ready-to-ship, her holiday turn around time is 3-4 weeks. If you are interested in purchasing from Heart For Your Home this winter, placing your orders early will insure their timely arrival.

Jaime says, "I am constantly checking other websites for inspiration, ideas, and helpful hints. I like to check the competition to make sure my prices are still lower than theirs. I also check to see what is trending with others, for instance, the idea for my Angry Oinker Beanie came from babysitting two boys that LOVE the Angry Birds game.

Jaime has recently started a vintage-inspired jewelry shop on Etsy, PandorasBoxJewels, which carries a unique mix of metal charms, pendants, gemstones, & beads.

My daughter, in her Flopsie Daisy hat
Heart for Your Home is offering your choice of two great prizes! The winner can choose between a pink and white bow & legwarmer set, or a football hat, in sizes 0-6mo, 6-12mo, or 12-18mo. The prize will be custom made for the winner after the giveaway ends, and will take 1 week to create prior to shipping.

After seeing all these cute items, are you ready to place your Christmas orders? Submit an order to Heart for Your Home, or to Violet's Buds during the giveaway, and you will earn an extra 25 entries!

Enter on the Rafflecopter widget below. The only mandatory entries are to like both Heart For Your Home & Violet's Buds Facebook page. The winner will be chosen on Saturday, October 13th at 8pm CDT, and the winner will have 48 hours to contact Violet's Buds or Heart for Your Home to claim the prize. And while you're here, make sure to stop by the Fall Festival Giveaway, which ends October 18th.
Bow & Legwarmer set
football hat

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Questions? message me at, or comment here.

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Photographs posted with permission of Heart for Your Home, Kaptured by Kara, and VB Photography.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Fall Festival Giveaway

The Fall Festival photo shoot has concluded, and now its time for the big giveaway! First, let's give the sponsors some love for the amazing items they provided.

Janes Corner creates vintage & handmade jewelry, and shabby chic decor. The owner, Kathy says, "I love vintage and antique items and it is so satisfying to take lovely old things and make something new and useful. It is a wonderful way to preserve a piece of history."
Janes Corner
 MeganEsass: Handknit Apparel & Housewares makes high quality & unique knit products, including knit vases for wedding centerpieces!
MeganEsass Handknit
Origami Delights creates beautiful paper sculptures, and does more than just the traditional origami shapes. Our favorites are her flowers & garlands. Use code FallAway for 10% off!
Origami Delights
3GirlsCupcakes we are lucky to live in a city with a "mobile cupcakery." The 3GirlsCupcakes food truck travels several days a week selling amazing cupcakes, cake pops, & frosting shots from various locations around town. Think ice cream truck, but way more fun! If you are ever in the Kansas City metro area, track down the treat truck via twitter at @3girlscupcakes.
3GirlsCupcakes PB Cup flavor

Flounce sells very cute chunky bead necklaces, which were a big hit with all the girls, moms included. She made this necklace for the photo shoot to match the dress sent by K.B. Creations, and it was absolutely perfect! Flounce is offering coupon code FFG15 in her Etsy shop, code expires 10/31
 K.B. Creations makes high quality custom clothing for little ones. The owner, Betsy, is truly an artist with a sewing machine.
K.B. Creations
K.B. Creations
Pretty Socks  creates cute bead, ribbon, & charm decorated socks for girls. Each month features a new style for Sock-of-the-Month. 
Pretty Socks
Crafty Kelli's Kiddos Crafty Kelli started creating baby accessories, and has diversified to include accessories and apparel for preschool & school age children. We are so glad that she has! Use coupon code FALL2012 through Jan 31, 2013 for 15% off.
Crafty Kelli's Kiddos
SpunkyMunkyLegs creates a variety of apparel & accessories for kids. Our favorites are her legwarmers & swing top sets. And I love the fedora from her shop too.
YarnGraphics is a talented graphic designer, and a crafter as well. Yarn Graphics created the invitations, cupcake toppers, treat labels, & favor bag labels for the Fall Festival.
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